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Enemies of House Mouse

Enemies of House Mouseferal cat

House mice did not originate in North America. They are believed to be natives of Central Asia, and have now made their homes in areas where humans live. There breeding nest are always near to a source of food supply. To aid their adaptability, house mice eat just about anything, and can survive even when there is acutely limited water supply.

Animals like dogs, hawks, skunks and snakes often feed on House mice. They are most times hunted by Barn owls. Just one family of this predator bird feeds on 12 house mice every single night.

When in the wild, house mice do not live more than 1 year, with unfriendly weather condition and predators cutting their life span. However, they can live for as long as 3 years when held in captivity. Humans too are deadly enemies of house mice. Traps, pesticides and exclusions which we use kill house mice in their numbers.


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