Best Organic Deer Repellent

Deer can be a terrible garden nuisance for people in both rural and suburban locations. Deer live throughout the United States, and thrive in all climates. Regardless of a homeowner’s geographic location, which garden flowers and vegetables they have, or what climate they live in, the best organic deer repellent is easily made at home.

The very simplest to use and least expensive deer repellents for gardens are made with ingredients that are readily available in almost every kitchen. The very best organic deer repellent consists of a simple mixture of one egg and one gallon of water, sprayed on the plants that need to be protected from the hungry deer. Since deer are vegetarians, anything that has an odor similar to meat naturally repels them. Deer will refrain from eating the plants and flowers which have been sprinkled with this repellent solution, and homeowners should be attentive and quickly re-apply the recipe after it rains or after watering the plants with a sprinkler. In the absence of rain, the solution should be reapplied once enough time has passed for the repellent to rub off, or after new leaves have grown. Deer possess a keen sense of smell and will be able to detect the egg and water mixture even when it is not noticeable to humans.

To make this organic deer repellent, the egg can be mixed into the gallon of water when raw, but some recent articles and field experiments have indicated that egg solid may in fact provide an even more effective organic deer repellent. Once mixed, may gardeners will allow the solution to sit in the sun for a while, even up to a day, until it obtains a strong rotten egg smell. The putrefied egg odor is what keeps the deer away from the plants, so the stronger the repellent smells, the better it works. Not to worry, once the solution dries on the leaves of the plants, it is not noticeable to humans, but deer, and other animals like rabbits, will continue to avoid eating the leaves.

Variant versions of the deer repellent solution include the use of more eggs per gallon of water (or less water per egg, as little as on egg per cup of water), adding spicy peppers or other spices, or adding dish soap to the repellent.

Another organic deer repellent for plants is using the fertilizer itself as a repellent. Blood meal, which is a byproduct of beef processing, is powered blood, and it is available as a fertilizer in many gardening stores or online. The odor keeps deer away, either because they instinctively avoid food that smells like meat, or possibly because it fools them into thinking that a predator is nearby. While some people swear by blood meal, most agree that the best organic deer repellent is the egg and water mixture described above. When a deer problem is really bad, gardeners may wish to employ several methods at once to deter deer.


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