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Do deer eat nasturtium?

March 18, 2021 |

Do deer eat nasturtium? Nasturtiums are sun-loving annuals. We usually add to our gardens for their gorgeous funnel-shaped flowers. Nasturtiums flowers come in warm bursts of colors ranging from bright red to creamy yellow. They also have unique rounded green leaves that look like water-lily pads. You can find climbing, trailing, or mounding varieties. They also attract butterflies, which further transforms the appeal of your garden positively. Even so, nasturtiums…

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Do deer eat Norway spruce?

March 17, 2021 |

Do deer eat Norway spruce? If conifers are your go-to option, then you might wonder about the best deer resistant variants to cultivate. Deer eats a wide variety of things – from twigs, fruits, buds, stems and so on. On rare occasions, this majestic and graceful creature has been found to exhibit carnivorous tendencies. However, spruce trees are a great favorite among growers. The Norway Spruce is especially one of…

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Do deer eat nuts?

March 16, 2021 |

Do deer eat nuts? No matter how graceful and majestic the white-tailed deer looks, its better, we have those guys skipping our gardens. They eat several pounds a day and can eat many plants to the ground if given a chance. Deer will mostly feed on grass, bark, twigs, alfalfa, fruits, and fungi. They aren’t too picky, and their diet does not remain constant all year long. Their diet most…

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Do deer eat bark?

March 15, 2021 |

Do deer eat bark? They eat far too many things destroying whatever they find in their path. So, it’s a good thing to wonder what they may or may not eat. Many animals eat the bark and wood of shrubs and trees. This is on coincidence. The bark contains many nutritious foods that their specialized digestive systems can use to generate the nutrients they need. Insects like termites, bark beetles,…

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Do deer eat Nandina?

March 12, 2021 |

Do deer eat nandina? Nandinas can be poisonous, but deer also eats everything. In this article, we will talk about deer and nandinas and the reasons for adding (or not adding) this gorgeous plants to your garden. In the past, Nandinas was one of the most sought after shrubs. It grows as bamboo-like stalks with delicate foliage in vibrant green and red colors with gorgeous creamy white flowers in springtime.…

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Do deer eat birdseed?

March 10, 2021 |

Do deer eat birdseed? Birds naturally eat bird seeds, but deer are voracious eaters and will eat anything they find. But what about bird food? Deer are eating machines. They eat vegetables, berries, fruits, buds, new shoots, flowers, bark, buds, young leaves, etc. Deer eat several pounds of food a day and can wipe out trees, shrubs, landscape plants, and gardens in their wake. There are frustrating to growers because…

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Do deer eat buckeyes?

March 8, 2021 |

Do deer eat buckeyes? Deer eat a wide range of nuts, so it’s a good thing to ask if your buckeyes will become fodder too. Buckeyes are nuts are grow on trees. They are small, shiny, and dark brown with a light tan spot to one side. Buckeye trees can be mostly found in Ohio, and folks say that it looks like the eye deer and a carrying buckeye bring…

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Do deer eat black walnuts?

March 5, 2021 |

Do deer eat black walnuts? Folks have used wild black walnuts to make medicine for centuries. They have a bold flavor and have the highest protein content than any other nut tree. Black nut trees are also incredibly versatile and find their way into sweet and savory recipes. They also have incredible health benefits and can be used as hair dye or to treat wounds. Beyond that, their nuts, shells,…

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Do deer eat begonias?

March 1, 2021 |

Do deer eat begonias? How do you cultivate a deer-resistant garden if you have to worry about these voracious eaters? In this article, let’s talk about deer and their relationship with begonias. Begonias come in many attractive shapes and colors. White, orange, pink, yellow, red, and salmon blooms – they can brighten up your yard, giving it a lush and gorgeous appeal. Begonias bloom through summer, thriving mostly in shaded…

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Do deer eat viola plants?

February 26, 2021 |

Do deer eat viola plants? Deer eats a wide variety of things, but what about viola plants? This article will talk about viola plants and pansies. Viola plants are gorgeous annuals that produce edible flowers that we love on our salads. They come in vibrant shades of salmon, purple, blue, and pink blooms. That’s why they are excellent bedding plants and also work well in hanging baskets and elevated pots.…

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Do deer eat vinca flowers

February 24, 2021 |

Do deer eat vinca flowers? Deer is a cause of worry for many suburban and exurban gardeners. These somewhat ‘majestic’ creatures are greedy eaters and can eat almost anything that comes their way.  Suppose you live in an area with high deer population. In that case, you may consider creating a garden that actively keeps deer away. One such plant that may come to mind is vinca plants. Vinca, also…

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Do deer eat vetch?

February 23, 2021 |

Do deer eat vetch? Deer eats a great number of things. In other to cultivate your gardens without worries, you need to learn more about deer eating habits. This article talks about deer and vetch plants. Vetch is an invasive herbaceous plant that belongs to the peas family. It is cultivated majorly as a silage or fodder crop. Vetches are very invasive and can be used as a ground cover…

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