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Granular or Liquid

December 27, 2016 2 min read

Granular or Liquid

Granular or liquid? Nature’s MACE offers a full line of or products designed to fit the needs of every homeowner, gardener or commercial farmer. Depending on when and where you use a particular product will determine requirements. Most consumers find using both granular and liquid formulas provide the maximum protection possible.

Granular:Our granular formulas are perfect for perimeters applications. Best used along the perimeter of rose bushes, gardens, yards, door steps and landscapes to effectively protect treated areas. Granular repellents are usually remaining active when the product is visible. As the product diminishes, reapplication will be required to maintain repellency protecting treated areas.

Nature’s MACE product are manufactured using our time released technology, providing long lasting repellency lasting up to 3 months for some products. Additional benefit to granular formulas are their ability to be apply in freezing temperatures. For long term winter applications, liquid should be applied in temperatures above 38° Fahrenheit and before winter sets in. In heavy snowfall or icy conditions, crush ice and

Liquid: Our Liquid formulas are versatile providing easy to apply blanket protection for landscapes, gardens, garbage cans & bird feeders.

Nature’s MACE repellents dry odorless to humans but extremely offensive to animal’s sensitive sense of smell. Liquid repellent typically are more economical than granular repellents offering more value to consumers.

Liquid formulas for large applications such as landscapes and commercial farming can be easily applied using motorized spray pumps.

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