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Stray Dog Repellent

April 16, 2017 3 min read

Stray Dog Repellent

Stray Dog RepellentThere are various reasons why stray dogs are not wanted. Dogs can become wild and dangerous if they are not well taken care of by their owners. The common complains are:

  • Barking problems
  • Dangerous stray dogs
  • Spreading fleas or threatening pets
  • Raiding trash or destroying property

Stray dogs are seen as nuisance due to these complains hence people want them gotten rid of.

Stray Dog Repellent

After getting a hold of that stray dog that’s been troubling your yard and making a mess of your nice garden then its time to take care of it so your yard and garden can regain its beauty.

Dog MACEthis is the only repellent that works effectively on taste and smell. We created this repellent which is the most effective Dog repellent through the combination of very powerful repellent ingredients gotten from the analysis made on other dog repellent products.

Eliminate Food Sources

Stray dogs never cease to search for food. If they always come around your yard more than normal this simply means there is food source in there which is actually attracting them. Evaluate your yard. Do you make use of outside trash cans with loose lids? Does your yard smell like a kitchen? Is your home rodent infested or do you feed your pet animal outside? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then it could be the reason why the dogs are so attracted to your home. Purchase trash cans with firm lids and spray them with pepper spray before using. Avoid feeding your pet outside if you cannot watch over it. Take care of any rodent problem you are challenged with as quickly as possible by so doing the dogs would find your home or yard less attractive.

Hose Then Down

Although doing this might appear to be easy but it is only effective for a short while. Spray water on any stray dog you find on your property with water hose and it will repel and keep them away from your property. However, it cannot keep them away for very long as they will return probably at night when you are fast asleep. This repellent is only effective at the moment. Although this method cost nothing however it doesn’t effectively keep stray dogs away.

Fence them out

Install a fence around your property if it constantly disturbed by stray dogs. Fences can effectively prevent dogs from getting into your property even in your absence but it has its own challenges. Fences should be maintained and the cost of maintenance is on the high side. In addition, the cost of laborers adds to the cost if you are unable to do it yourself. Even if you can afford the cost, fences are not a very good option to keep dogs out and might not be good for beautification purpose as well.

Electric Barriers

There are times when a regular fence would not be really effective. Some dogs will just damage the fence and make a path for themselves which will require constant repair and leads to extra cost. You can purchase a kit to use on your fence in order to repel the dog and spend less at the same time. The dog will know it has to stay away from the property once it comes in contact with the electrical barrier. Nonetheless, children, pets or other animals can be affected by these barriers hence using it at as preventive solution might not be such a good idea.

Motion Activated Water Sensor

Motion activated water sensors can be used as a stray dog repellent as it would quickly shoot water at a dog that comes too close to it once it detect it presence. The dog will always run away out of fear when this happens however none of these repellents can actually prevent these dogs from coming around. Once it gets used to way the repellent works it will find a way to work its way through it.

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