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Where to buy snake repellent?

August 29, 2016 2 min read

Where to buy snake repellent?

Does a snake lurk around your background? Are you in need of snake repellent but no idea where to find one?

In India there are several manufacturers of this repellent that you need.

There is the Pure Natural Health Care Private Limited in KS Market, New Delhi. Their product transmits via the radiation ultrasonic that is used to affect these underground rodents’ hearing that is very acute. This ultrasonic can make the snakes feel endangered that will force them to stay away from where the vibration is coming from.

Hughes Safe Snake Repellent is another product from India this time coming from Hughes & Hughes Chem Ltd in Nehru Enclave in New Delhi. Spraying this repellant will leave behind a scent that has bitter taste disliked by the snakes. The ingredients used in making these repellant is non-chemical making the product environment friendly and this does not harm the snakes. They are also the producer of ShooSnake Snake Repellent. It is 1005 Eco-friendly, natural and certified no chemicals. They are proven to be safe in helping the children, valuable livestock and pets from being attack by the deadly snakes.

Sui Bio Foundation in RT Nnagar, Bengaluru also has its own snake repeller known as Snake Repellent Chemicals. Theirs are applied to the surrounding to prevent snakes into crawling in your premises. It is guaranteed to be effective in 6 whole months.

In Australia, there is the OAKENT Pty. Ltd. Which is the producer of the Sentinel Q Snake Repeller? It is a vibrator covering an area up to 20 meters out in all the directions from where it is located.

Durga Solution has its own Snake repellent named Solar Snake repellent. It is found in Anand Nagar, Bhopal, India.

It is also in India where one of the world’s leading suppliers of Snake Repellent is found. Shanti Biotech offers specially engineered and designed repeller to emit pulse vibration which aims to scare the snakes. Their product has features like hard wearing construct, an assurance of an immediate evacuation of the snakes away from your surroundings and it has pulse that emits multi-directional. A snake catching stick is also one of their featured products that are modern devices made for controlling and catching the snakes. It is very affordable.

The Solar Snake Repeller is a snake repellant manufactured by Arbuda, Agrochemicals Private Limited in Kandivali Eqast, Mumbai. It has been developed to scare snakes of all kinds away. Through the sensors the sensors, the snake picks up the pulsing vibration this repeller emits.

Snake Repellent of the Pest Control India Private Limited found in Mumbai is designed as a preventive measure to stop snakes from entering the backyard of anyone who have this product in it.

Some other manufacturers are also offering their own product of snake repellent like the Pestomatic Controls in Shrirampur, Pune, Satyam Pest Control Services found in Vaishali, Ghaziabad, Eco-Green Pest Control Services in Kopar Khairane Sector 5, Navi Mumbai and many more.