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Keep stray cats out of your yard

December 27, 2021 |
keep stray cats out of your yard

Best way to keep stray cats out of your yard If you have a cat problem, then you might wonder about the best way to keep stray cats out of the yard. This guide will share with you every crucial information to keep these feral cats away. While we might consider having cats at home as pets, no one wants to have strays take over their garden, planters, sandbox, and…

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Keep cats away from yard

December 23, 2021 |

5 steps to keep cats away from yard Whether you want to keep strays or your own pets, this guide will share with you effective ways to keep cats away from your yard. Having cats dig up your garden or transform your yard into their litter box is an awful sight. Whether it’s your own pets, those of your neighbors, a stray or feral cat, they can all cause a…

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Keeping cats off counters

December 16, 2021 |

How to keep cats off your counters? Have you ever wondered about the best way to keep cats off your counters? This post will share with you reasons why cats love counters and how to stop them from that unwanted behavior. If you have a cat, then you may have noticed their feline attraction to your counters. These might be the counters in your living room, the kitchen counters, bathroom…

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Cat repellent for yard

December 3, 2021 |

Guide to the different types of cat repellent for yard If you are ready to get rid of cats from your outdoor space, you might check out the different types of cat repellent for yard use. This article will discuss the different kinds of cat repellents, their benefits, application, and drawbacks. Cat repellents are special techniques designed to scare, discourage and repel cats from your space. Generally, there are two…

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Keep cats off furniture spray

November 23, 2021 |

Keep cats off furniture spray for the best results. If you are interested in purchasing a keep cats off furniture spray to get rid of that annoying problem, there’s a lot more information you must know about effectively using these sprays for the best results. It is lovely to have cats around your house. Usually, they would want to walk around your house, and even walk and play with your…

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Keep cats out of my yard

November 18, 2021 |

How to keep cats out of my yard? Have you ever asked the question – how do I keep cats out of my yard? If yes, this article will walk you through the most effective ways to deal with the situation for good. Having these neighborhoods kitties dig up your yard and garden is an unwelcome sight. For one thing, these cats will drop poop everywhere, transforming your carefully maintained…

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Keep cats out of the yard

November 15, 2021 |

7 ways to keep cats out of the yard. To keep cats out of the yard and property, you need to consider multiple cat deterrent measures. This post will share with you the best cat deterrent methods to get rid of feral cats. Cats make great pets. But it’s an entirely different scenario when dealing with wild cats. These feral cats are not just known for hunting and killing birds…

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Get rid of stray cats

November 8, 2021 |

6 practical ways to get rid of stray cats. Like other gardeners, you may wonder about how to get rid of stray cats and other wild animals from your outdoor space. Stray and feral cats are known to transform our gorgeous vegetable gardens into their litter boxes. They can also chew on various foods found there and may transmit diseases such as toxoplasmosis to humans through their activities. This is…

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How to utilize vinegar as a cat repellent

September 22, 2021 |

Cats are all cute and cuddly, and they are great to have around the house. But sometimes they can get on your nerves most especially when they play in your garden or damage your favorite pillow. It can be difficult to stop them at times when they are set on going to specific places in your house or playing with some specific items, but luckily, you can use vinegar as…

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What do Fleas Eat?

November 5, 2019 |

Fleas are pests that we all want to get rid of. They make life uncomfortable, not just for us, but for our pets. Their parasitic mode of operation makes them unwelcome guests in our territory. Sadly, that’s the only thing most people know about fleas. What do they look like? What do fleas eat? How do they survive? Being able to answer these questions will help in your quest to…

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Cat Flea Bites

August 30, 2019 |

Fleas are disease-carrying parasites that feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals including human beings. Basically, not every species of flea can be found in every part of the world – except the Cat Flea. This species of fleas constitutes a major nuisance in all the regions of the world because: They can survive anywhere in the world, and They have a higher tendency to infest a place and spread…

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7 home remedies for fleas on cats

August 25, 2019 |

You probably have never come across the term Ctenocephalides felis before, but this should naturally not bother you, most likely don’t care what it means anyway. However, if you are having a pest problem with fleas, we know you just might want to know more about it. So! Let me give you a heads-up on the challenges you are facing, and a few ways to stop them. Ctenocephalides felis is…

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