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How to prevent your cat from clawing at your leather furniture

May 7, 2019 |

Scratching is part of what cats do, it’s just part of their behavior. One of the reasons why they scratch surfaces and items is so they can sharpen their claws and in doing so, they mark lying around. Cat lovers who have leather furniture at home, know that it’s often the target of cats and their claws. So, how do you go about stopping it? Keep a couple of scratch…

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Can cats carry bed bugs?

April 30, 2019 |

Having a bed bug infestation can be worrisome and tiresome. A bed bug infestation means you and your pets are in danger of getting bitten by these bloodsuckers. Often homeowners worry if their cats can carry bed bugs. It will come as a relief to homeowners that although bed bugs feed on cats, cats do not carry bed bugs. What are bed bugs? Bed bugs are tiny insects that feed…

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Herbs and Plants that are toxic to cats

January 22, 2019 |

Cats just love to chew and lick on anything they can get their hands on, be it plants and herbs. Who would blame them, after all, cats are known for their curiosity and their need to always try something new. But as a cat owner, you must monitor what plants or herb your cats feed on as they lots of herbs or plants that are poisonous to cats. Highly poisonous…

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Making a homemade cat repellent

January 5, 2019 |

If you need a homemade cat repellent solution, then your search is over as this guide will show you ways you can create your own indoor and outdoor cat repellents. The indoor cat repellents are tailored for indoor cats that are always causing harm to furniture, and venturing into restricted areas in your home, while the second part is aimed at repelling cats from your yard, garden, and plants. Indoor…

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Dangerous House Plants for cats.

December 28, 2018 |

No matter the setting, plants, and cats (generally pets) don’t go hand in hand. If you have a set of potted plants and cats living under the same roof, chances are the plants will suffer significantly from the paws and mouth of the cat. In the same way, there are also a couple of cats that can cause excessive damages to the cat’s health. We’ve made a list of some…

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Humane cat deterrents

December 26, 2018 |

Cats are a strong part of most neighborhoods. Whether it is your neighbors’ cats or a couple of stray cats, these feline creatures can be a burden to you. But don’t let their activities bother you, you can employ some humane cat deterrents can help curb their nuisance around your property. Ensure you properly cover your trash cans. You can even go as far as securing the lids with bungee…

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Does Cayenne Pepper Keep Cats Out of the Garden?

December 21, 2018 |
Does Cayenne Pepper keep cats out of the garden?

Does Cayenne Pepper Keep Cats Out of the Garden? If you’re wondering, “does cayenne pepper keep cats out of the garden,” we’ll let you know. There are times when your neighborhood cats don’t want to give you a break. The felines seem to always be in your garden messing things up. You’ve tried consistently to put the cats off but to no avail. Well, don’t just give up yet; there’s a…

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Plants that are used to repel cats

December 18, 2018 |

Plants that are used to repel cats In this article we will discuss plants that are used to repel cats. We all have that neighborhood cat that just has it for us, and drives you nuts. They take it on themselves to ruin your garden and your yard. You might have a new trick to use to repel these cats. There are plants that have some very strong scents that cats don’t…

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How to locate cat urine spots

December 16, 2018 |

How to locate cat urine spots It can be challenging to identify cat urine without any form of assistance. Cat urine has a potent odor that can make most people flee from their house, and the problem is enhanced when the urine dries, and it becomes difficult to spot. Imagine being able to perceive the stench but not able to see it. Well, with the aid of a black light,…

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Prevent cats from urinating in potted plants

December 12, 2018 |

Prevent cats from urinating in potted plants One thing homeowner doesn’t like to see is their kitty using potted plants as their restroom/litter box. Not only will every stink from the feline urine, but also plants are likely to die from the urine. If you have a cat or cats that use your potted plants as their litter box, then you can use some of these natural methods to prevent…

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How to cat proof houseplants

December 7, 2018 |

How to cat proof houseplants Cats can be so calm, and quiet most times. They eat their tuna, sleep all through the day, and they lick themselves. What an easy life to live. But occasionally, cats can have moments when all they want to do is eat your potted plants. You can see them at times just playing with the plants and chewing on the leaves, this usually means your…

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Do Ultrasonic Cat Repellents Work?

December 4, 2018 |

Do Ultrasonic Cat repellents work? There are different types of cat repellents springing up every now and then with each promising to provide you with a useful option to repel your cats. Of the many kinds of cat repellents in the market today, one that is making significant strides is ultrasonic cat repellent devices. These devices acts are middle ground protection for your yard and garden. Although they are not…

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