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Do deer eat begonias?

March 1, 2021 |

Do deer eat begonias? How do you cultivate a deer-resistant garden if you have to worry about these voracious eaters? In this article, let’s talk about deer and their relationship with begonias. Begonias come in many attractive shapes and colors. White, orange, pink, yellow, red, and salmon blooms – they can brighten up your yard, giving it a lush and gorgeous appeal. Begonias bloom through summer, thriving mostly in shaded…

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Do deer eat viola plants?

February 26, 2021 |

Do deer eat viola plants? Deer eats a wide variety of things, but what about viola plants? This article will talk about viola plants and pansies. Viola plants are gorgeous annuals that produce edible flowers that we love on our salads. They come in vibrant shades of salmon, purple, blue, and pink blooms. That’s why they are excellent bedding plants and also work well in hanging baskets and elevated pots.…

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Do deer eat vinca flowers

February 24, 2021 |

Do deer eat vinca flowers? Deer is a cause of worry for many suburban and exurban gardeners. These somewhat ‘majestic’ creatures are greedy eaters and can eat almost anything that comes their way.  Suppose you live in an area with high deer population. In that case, you may consider creating a garden that actively keeps deer away. One such plant that may come to mind is vinca plants. Vinca, also…

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Do deer eat vetch?

February 23, 2021 |

Do deer eat vetch? Deer eats a great number of things. In other to cultivate your gardens without worries, you need to learn more about deer eating habits. This article talks about deer and vetch plants. Vetch is an invasive herbaceous plant that belongs to the peas family. It is cultivated majorly as a silage or fodder crop. Vetches are very invasive and can be used as a ground cover…

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Do deer eat Virginia creeper?

February 22, 2021 |

Do deer eat Virginia creeper? Virginia creepers have a  wide variety of uses. They make an excellent ground cover to control soil erosion on slopes and in shagged regions. Their barks and berries have been used for ages in traditional medicine. Besides, Virginia creepers can boost the appeal of your garden. Their fall foliage is mostly a fantastic choice for growers looking to replace other exotic plants. Virginia creepers are…

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Do deer eat violas?

February 21, 2021 |

Do deer eat violas? Deer eat a wide range of things, but what about violas? Violas are gorgeous plants available in a great variety of colors and can jazz up your landscape. You can find them in blue, red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, and multicolored flower patterns. Violas thrive best in cool temperatures, making them a popular winter choice. They also do well in shady areas with organic matter enriched…

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Do deer eat vinca?

February 13, 2021 |

Do deer eat vinca? This tropical plant is a popular choice among growers for many reasons. First, vinca is drought tolerant and can grow well in a fairly dry land. You can have it on your property as ground covers, borders, or in containers. Also called small periwinkle, vinca flourishes throughout the summer and is known for its gorgeous flowers. You can have them in pink, purple, white, and red…

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Do deer eat viburnum?

February 12, 2021 |

Do deer eat viburnums? Many viburnums are evergreen trees and shrubs, but we love them for their beautiful layered flowers. These lovely plants can transform the appeal of your lawn with their vibrant colors. Many of them are partial to the sun, although they can also do well in partly shaded areas. They are also incredibly versatile – you can use them as hedges or decorative plants on your porch.…

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Do deer eat blueberries?

February 11, 2021 |

Do deer eat blueberries? As humans, we love blueberries for their enriching antioxidants and great taste. They are also a low-calorie snack and make their way into our baked goods. It’s no wonder; they make a significant portion of our fruit relish during summertime. Unfortunately, cultivating blueberries also means you need to look out for specific pests. One that comes to mind is deer. Deer are greedy eater known for…

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Do deer eat vegetables

February 9, 2021 |

Would you like to grow vegetables? If yes, do deer eat vegetables? Deer love tasting almost everything they come across and are well-known voracious eaters. It would help if you learned more about their eating habits, to create a garden without worrying about deer damage. Most vegetables contain plenty of enriching nutrients. So growing your own vegetable path is an excellent choice. When you cultivate your vegetable garden, you can…

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Do Deer Eat Leyland Cypress?

February 8, 2021 |

Do deer eat Leyland cypress? These are popular evergreens used in landscaping that offer a form of privacy. If you have these fast-growing trees on your property, you need to learn more about deer nutrition. Then, you can know what to expect if you have Leyland cypress on your land or plan to plant them. Deer actually do eat these evergreen trees, so you need to protect your garden or…

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Do deer eat lichen?

February 4, 2021 |

Do deer eat lichen? Those gorgeous covers and queens of the fungi/algae world make beautiful additions to any landscape. But, how about their connections with deer? In this article, we will talk about deer and lichens. Lichens have a special place in nature. They form excellent and often stunning covers on rocks, slopes, soil, and even trees. It’s no wonder you may also use them as decorations, dyes, and clothing.…

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