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Best Dog Repellent Home Remedy

October 30, 2015 | Comments Off on Best Dog Repellent Home Remedy

Our best friends can also do a lot of damage to our property, whether it is in the home, or in our yards. Depending on the breed and size of a dog, damage can range to chewing on furniture and plants, peeing and pooping in undesirable places, digging holes, or disrupting one’s peace and quiet with barking and whining. As popular as they are, dogs can be a nuisance when…

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Best Dog Deterrent

October 26, 2015 | Comments Off on Best Dog Deterrent

Whether it is your own best friend, or a pesky neighborhood dog, there may be areas of your property that you want to keep free of dog poop or to protect from Fido burying his bones. There are several tried and true ways to deter dogs from entering your yard. Odors are one effective way to deter most dogs. Homeowners can make sprays from common household ingredients. Several scents that…

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Dog Repellent

May 1, 2014 | Comments Off on Dog Repellent

Dogs are great for companionship and may be man’s best friend but it wreaks havoc on yards, furniture and upholstery. Whatever the reason, there are many dog repellents that are relatively in-expensive and easy to use. All the repellents ingredients listed below are considered 100 percent safe for dogs and the environment. Citric Acid or Vinegar is probably the most effective at repelling dogs. Dogs strongly dislike vinegar and the…

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