Choosing the best bed bug repellent?

What to consider when choosing the best bed bug repellent?

Choosing the best bed bug repellentWhat to consider when choosing the best bed bug repellent? When you are looking for the best bed bug repellent, you need to consider numerous factors. That said, there’s no magical spray that would completely eliminate the problem. Here we offer insights on choosing the right bed bug repellent and other things you must know about bed bug treatment. Click for more bed bug product information…

Types of bed bug repellent

There are many different types of bed bug repellents out there. You may encounter repellents that are best for spot treatments. These aerosol repellents tend to have long residual efficacy. You may also find bed bug repellents for treating mattress and bedding. Often these have lower toxicity.

Besides these different bed bug sprays we just mentioned, you may also come across foggers, traps, insecticide dusts and powders. Each one of these has its uses and downsides. For instance, insecticide dust can be applied to the cracks you see. They would also remain in place for days and continually kill and dry up any bug that crawls through it.

Insecticides versus organic sprays

Some bed bug repellents contain a number of chemicals for killing bed bugs. Others rely on naturally-sourced plant-based oils to kill the bugs. Off-course the chemical version would be more highly effective. But you should consider using plant-based sprays for your bedrooms to avoid accidentally ingesting toxic chemicals. A toxic chemical shouldn’t also be used on mattresses, furniture and other places that you tend to use often.

Size of the infestation

Depending on how big the bed bug infestation, you may have to select the size of your repellent. Aerosol sprays often come in small and portable bottles. But they are not enough for treating bigger infestations. That said, since you will have to treat your home repeatedly, getting a bigger spray is a more cost-effective option.Contact versus residual sprays

Some sprays act on contact. This means they will kill any bug when sprayed directly on it. Hence, when using these sprays, you will have to find the possible hiding spots and meticulously apply. Others provide residual effects and will work more slowly, thereby providing a longer lasting effect.

Outdoors versus indoor bed bug spray

Always check the type of bug spray before using it. Sprays meant for indoor use shouldn’t be used outside and vice versa. You should also take general precautions, such as avoiding applying the products to your skin or ingesting it.

Are repellents alone enough?

No, repellents alone cannot help you get rid of bed bugs entirely. Bed bugs are pretty resistant and require a robust strategy that would involve cleaning, vacuuming, steaming, washing, and dry cleaning your belongings. Additionally, you might need two to three treatments on a regular basis before you see the best results.

One of the most powerful bed bug repellents on the market is Nature’s Mace bed bug repellent. Nature’s Mace bed bug repellent works both indoors and outdoors to kill bed bugs on contact. To get the best results, use Nature’s Mace bed bug repellent in cracks, crevices, carpet seams, and even on your bedding. Try Nature’s Mace bed bug repellent and cut down the population of pyrethroid resistant bed bugs within weeks. Click for more bed bug product information….

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