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Deer Ticks

Deer Ticks

Deer Ticks can cause Lyme disease is usually the consequence of a deer tick bite. Even though some would say that people who live in the city are safe, they are wrong. Deer ticks easily attach themselves to pets and if you have been spending some time outdoors, your dog, for instance, may carry deer ticks.

These tiny insects can easily pass on to a human host, thus transmitting a Lyme disease infection. This happens, because a deer tick is a parasite that inserts its mouth parts into the host’s skin and sucks blood for a few days. If a deer tick is infected, it will carry the Borrelia bacteria in its midgut. When the tick bites its host, this Lyme disease infecting bacteria is released in the host’s blood stream.

Lyme disease attacks the central nervous system and can leave the sufferer completely paralyzed. Even though it cannot be cured completely, the good news is that this condition can be kept under control with proper medical treatment. It is most important to recognize the symptoms and get medical treatment as soon as possible. Early treatment can be very beneficial when treating Lyme disease.

However, the best method is to prevent deer tick bites, rather than treat and one of the best ways to do this is by making sure that your pets wear parasite repellent collars. A further step you can take is to make sure that your surrounding outdoor area is free of deer ticks by using an effective deer repellent.

One option is to treat the area with an all-natural deer repellent. Deer repellents cone in several different varieties. Deer repellent products that contain fermented putrescent egg solids are considered the best all natural method of treating areas inhabited by foraging deer. University studies have concluded fermented putrescent egg solids work best.

Deer fencing is always an option; it can be an expensive proposition and a unreasonable one for large areas. Not to mention large fencing can take away from the beauty of manicured landscape areas.

Another method to consider is by acquiring Beneficial Nematodes – microscopic round worms that kill deer ticks – and release them in a special clay solution that you then spray on the area you want to treat.

In the end, detouring deer populations from areas frequented by humans can reduce the number of deer tick bites and thus reduce the number of persons contracting Lyme disease. Make every effort to deer proof your yard and surrounding areas. Treat areas with Deer MACE Deer Repellent and reduce deer populations in your area. Another option may include fencing, expensive but effective. Deer fencing is the most effective means of controlling deer populations and may be an option to consider.


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