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Gardening Deer Repellent

Gardening Deer Repellent

Deer & Rabbit MACE, Voted #1 by gardeners, farmers and landscapers nationwide. 100% natural deer repellent formula, proven in University Studies to be the most effective method of deterring browsing deer. Our formula is a 3 circle approach for protecting tasty plants from hungry deer and browsing animals.

A long-lasting advanced sticking agent provides up to 12 weeks of protection for plants and new growth, even with rain and irrigation. Deer and Rabbit MACE™ deer repellent continues to effectively protect your garden and investment from hungry deer.

Deer and Rabbit MACE™ has a pleasant Peppermint scent and dries odor free


Organically Fertilizes Lawn and Garden

Works in All Seasons

100% All-Natural Ingredients

Strongest Ingredients Found in Nature

100% Guaranteed or your Money Back

Deer and Rabbit MACE™ is exempt from federal EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Deer MACE™ is considered a Minimum risk product and not subject to federal registration requirements.

Deer can Easily jump over fences, and rabbits can dig or squeeze past any obstacle “protecting” your garden. Nature’s MACE creates its own invisible barrier, which will deter the hungriest of animals. Choose a repellent you can trust from a company which stands behind its products.