Pet safe Cat Repellent

Pet safe Cat Repellents – How to Avoid a Cat Problem in your Home

For cats, which spend most of their hours cleaning all by themselves, it is sure a messy and smelly. They are able to leave behind some marks of destruction – upturned pot plants scratched furniture, and sometimes torn Venetian blinds. Luckily, Cat MACE got you covered. The wide range of pet safe cat repellent they offer and other bad smell control product accessible will allow you smiling again in not time.

What makes Cat MACE unique from other products in the market?

There are no signs of toxic glues harmful chemicals and poisons in the product. Each of the repellents is safe to use around pets and children, at the same time biodegradable. Cat MACE cat repellent product is the top selling cat repellent at different independent garden centers.

How does it work?

  • Contains natural sticker for rain and dirt resistance
  • Spray liquid repellent straight on any type of surface you like to secure and protect from chewing and scratching
  • Repels cat by both taste and smell


Cat MACE is scented pleasantly, which makes every application more enjoyable and fun than ever. Each of the repellent includes natural oil such as peppermint and lemongrass oils, which smells good to people and terrible to cats.


Cat MACE granular cat repellent is widely available in an appropriate shaker jam, which makes distributing the pet safe cat repellent easy and quick. These powerful granules include a blend of different natural oils and will keep away cats from digging wherever repellent is applied, which includes:

  • Natural areas or lawns
  • Flower pots
  • Trees
  • Planters
  • Raised beds or flower beds
  • Use a mix of liquid and granular pet safe cat repellent for maximum protection

Spray or Liquid

Cat MACE pet safe cat repellents are available in a convenient and easy-to-use spray, which is potent and versatile. It could be utilized to avoid scratching and chewing unwanted visits in the bathroom or as a pet safe training aid. Furthermore, natural oils help the repellent follow to different surfaces at the same time could be sprayed straight into any area, which needs some protection like:

  • Garbage cans
  • Furniture
  • Trees
  • Flower pots and beds
  • Areas in your lawn, which are off limits
  • Flowers and plants

Pet Safe Cat Repellents to avoid Scratching

There is always one spot inside your home, which seems to allure your furry friend into clawing it. Even after you bought a new scratching post, the previous mark in the couch is still tempting. If you are one of those persons who is having a difficult time with your cats, Nature’s MACE pet safe cat repellent is an effective, humane and safe way to deter cats from going to the forbidden parts of your home, lawn or garden, and digging or chewing in unwanted locations. It includes all natural ingredients, which taste and smell bad to cats. Nature’s MACE has developed a wide array of pet safe cat repellents, which target different types of behavior that give you a maximum protection against cat damage.


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