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Deer & Rabbit MACE 6lb. Granular Bag, Treats 6,000 Sq.Ft

September 24, 2016 |
  • Effectively Controls Deer and Rabbit Browsing
  • Proven Technology, Backed by University Studies & Years of Research
  • Repels Through a Unique 3-Pronged Approach
  • With Ingredients that Promote Strong Plant Growth and Recovery!
  • Highly Effective, with More Active Ingredient!
  • Biodegradable, Chemical Free, and Shockingly Easy to Use
  • Long Lasting Protection through Time Released Formula
  • Weather-Resistant and Works in All-Seasons!
  • A Great Winter Repellent to Prevent Tree Rubbings
  • Safe to use around Children, Pets, and Vegetation *when used as directed
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Rabbit MACE 30lb. Granular Pail, Treats 19,000 Sq.Ft

January 24, 2016 |
  • Backed By Proven University Studies, Various Testing, & Research
  • Instantly Repels and Trains Rabbits Not to Return!
  • Targets a Rabbits sense of Taste, Fear, and Smell
  • With Fresh Minty Scent Rabbits Absolutely Hate!
  • Time Released Formula for Advanced Long-Lasting Protection
  • Effectively Controls Rabbits up to 3 months or more!
  • 100% Bio-Degradable, All-Natural, Chemical Free, and Safe
  • Safe to use Around Children, Pets, & Vegetation
  • Humane Solution that Eliminates the need for Poisons
  • An Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer for Strong Plant Growth and Recovery!
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