Cat MACE Granular 22lb. Pail, Treats 14,000 Sq.Ft

  • Repel and Train Cats and Kittens to Stay Away in a Humane Way
  • Prevent Cat Digging, Scratching, and Other Unwanted Behaviors
  • Establish Boundaries and Correct Bad Habits
  • Easy-To-Use and Effective in All-Seasons
  • Can be used for both Indoor and Outdoor Protection
  • No Harsh Chemicals, Nontoxic, & 100% Biodegradable
  • Safe to Use Around Children, Pets, and Plants *when used as directed
  • Weather-Resistant Formula with Lasting Effectiveness
  • With a Powerful Fresh Minty Scent Cats Hate
  • Offered with our Nature’s MACE 100% Money Back Guarantee!



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100% Money Back Guarantee

Product Description

Cat MACE granular cat repellent works by training and repelling stray and domestic cats. This granular repellent was designed to stop cats from digging and rummaging in flower beds, flower pots, gardens, shrubs, bushes, trees, patios, fences, trash areas, and other treated areas. It is best used to protect precise areas from cat damage.

The deterrent incorporates a unique scent that is pleasant to humans but naturally irritating to cats. It also uses powerful bittering agents to discourage chewing, digging, and gnawing. Cats are repulsed by the smell and taste of Cat MACE and will move on to less stressful grounds. It is crafted from biobased ingredients and contains no toxic chemicals or poisons. Its proven effective formula really works and is surprisingly simple to use.

With regular application, you’ll teach stray and domestic cats to stay clear of the protected areas. Cats are creatures of habit and require both humane and aggressive deterring. Its formula packs a mighty cat punch and contains an effective blend of cat deterring ingredients. With Cat MACE you can potentially avoid the battle with your neighbors and a lasting headache. There is no need to set up traps or get the humane society/animal control involved. Regain control and put an end to your annoying cat issue! Our repellent is easy to use, safe for cats, and guaranteed to work! Anyone can use it, so Try It Today Risk-Free!

It can be used to protect vehicles, trailers, RVs, and boats from cat damage. Also, consider our liquid concentrate cat repellents. The liquid concentrate is more for broadcast blanket spraying to cover more area. Use both the granular and liquids for best results.

Nature’s MACE products are manufactured with earth-friendly ingredients. They are safe to use around family, pets, plants, and the environment (when used as directed). They are proudly made in America. Our rain-resistant granular formula provides long-lasting, all-season protection from stray and domestic cats.

Tips for Best Results

1) Cats are territorial and are frequently attracted to another animal’s scent. Cats communicate by smell and mark their territory in a variety of ways. Cats are creatures of habit and get accustomed to “going” in the same area, especially if it’s their marked territory. Remove any food sources and secure your trash. Clean your outdoor grill or gathering area after use to minimize odors. Seal off any areas where cats can find shelter. Remove any fecal matter before treating affected areas (wear gloves). To increase the odds of cat’s not returning you should clean up, deodorize, and disinfect the area cats are marking. You should use an enzymatic cleaner to fully eliminate the scent. Do not use another scent to cover the existing odor. You can then use Cat MACE to establish control and act as a repellent.

2) The repellent operates as a training tool and may take time and repeated applications to work. It may not work immediately on contact. Although it can instantly deter, do not expect to apply once and experience straightaway, conclusive, or instant results. It is not a magical solution. You must stay at it and apply accordingly with the directions. Every cat and situation is unique. It should be applied repeatedly and strategically until the cat forms a negative reaction to the repellent or changes its’ bad behavior.

3) Have alternative areas, scratch posts, or toys that cats are allowed to scratch and or roam in. Cats naturally love to scratch and chew. The idea is to turn a bad habit into a good one, by designating the right area for that behavior. When re-training your cat praise them when positive behavior is shown to help create that new habit.

For Plant Protection

Potted Plants: Cat MACE can be applied directly to indoor and outdoor plants. Replace the dirt as sitting urine will likely attract cats. You can also dilute the urine by watering the plant for longer than usual (ensure adequate drainage). Thoroughly clean the pots and their surrounding areas. Also, consider laying down chicken wire or fencing over the soil to prevent cats from uprooting plants.

Garden Beds: Consider laying down mulch in and around plant beds. Consider using a mulch with, or adding to it, ingredients such as eggshells, nutshells, pinecones, tree bark, rocks, holly cuttings, or anything else rough, jagged, and irritating to cats’ paws.

Stray Cat Concerns

Stray cats frequently bring with them a variety of harmful diseases such as feline leukemia, rabies, parvovirus, and feline HIV. Most cats are never vaccinated and travel in small groups, spreading diseases with ease. Not to mention the diseases caused by potential fleas, ticks, and worms they may be infested with.  

Cats are also known for marking their territory with urine which can kill plants leading to unsightly brown spots around your yard. Their urine can destroy appliances, generators, fabrics, furniture, siding, and lead to rust. Their excrement does not fertilize the soil and can be dangerously toxic.

It is important to avoid encountering their poop, as it may transit the severely toxic Toxoplasma gondii parasite. This can be transferred to humans through vegetables and even direct contact during gardening. This is particularly a serious health concern to pregnant women.

Directions for Use

Apply by spreading granular over the area to be protected in a 2-foot-wide strip. To begin, apply heavily and evenly, in and around areas to protect. Apply early when you first notice cat activity. If the cat claims the area as its own, more can be attracted. Re-apply as needed or until cats are trained to stay clear of protected areas. Re-apply every 3 to 4 weeks for maintenance. For larger areas, where cat visits are more frequent, increase the barrier to 30 inches wide.

If anyone around is feeding stray cats, kindly ask them to stop. The repellent may not work as well in repelling starving stray cats. Applications and results can vary depending on how ingrained cats’ habits are and how often they visit an area. Whether or not it is a domestic or stray cat may affect product results. Re-apply after extensive snowfall by breaking up snow prior to application. Reapply after periods of heavy or prolonged rainfall. Before use test a small and unnoticeable area for staining acceptability.