Deer & Rabbit MACE 1 Gallon Ready-to-Use Spray, Treats 5,600 Sq.Ft

  • Effectively Controls Deer and Rabbit for up to 3 Months Or More!
  • All-Natural, Chemical Free, and Made of Premium Organic Ingredients
  • Proven Technology, Backed by University Studies & Years of Research
  • More Active Ingredient and Comparably Stronger than other brands
  • Long Lasting, Weather Resistant Formula that Won’t Easily Wash Off
  • No Stink Formula, with a Fresh Minty Scent Deer Hate!
  • Safe to use around Children, Pets, and Vegetation
  • Effectively Repels by the Sense of Taste, Smell, and Fear
  • Highest Quality Nozzle Sprayer in the Industry! (Sprays Up to 18 Feet)
  • Offered with our Nature’s MACE 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Product Description

Nature’s MACE Deer and Rabbit Repellent is manufactured with all-natural ingredients, and is safe for family, pets, plants, and the environment! Deer & Rabbit MACE is biodegradable, non-toxic, and incredibly easy to use. Our weather-resistant formula provides for longer-lasting year-round plant protection. Due to advanced sticking agents, our product binds to plants and will not easily wash off! Our ready to use liquid sprays are equipped with a nozzle capable of spraying up to 18ft, protecting those hard to reach areas! Liquid repellents are best for larger and more widespread areas, and for higher-level plant protection such as trees and bushes. Try our granular repellents for lower-level plant protection.

No Need for product rotation – Deer and Rabbits naturally avoid our fear, scent, and taste-based technology, so the effectiveness will always work by triggering their naturally instinctive flight response.

Nature’s MACE Deer and rabbit repellent will naturally change animal browsing behavior. With regular application, on a 30 to 60-day rotation, you will save shrubs, trees, and vegetables by teaching deer and rabbits to stay clear of landscaped and garden areas. Deer especially, are creatures of habit. If they feed on a particular landscape in the spring, you can bet, they’ll be back to feed in the fall. Nature’s MACE is the most powerful form of all-natural deer and rabbit control available. It’s your natural solution, backed by our 100% Guarantee! Try today Risk-Free!

Although Deer & Rabbit MACE is proven effective and backed by several university studies we believe our product really stands out in its minty smell. Although we use ingredients such as garlic and putrescent egg, we mask those scents with a fresh minty smell. So now you can enjoy the beautiful aroma of the outdoors without being repelled yourself!

How It Works

Deer and Rabbit MACE incorporates a unique 3-prong approach. By combining fear, scent, and taste-based technology; we are able to deliver more protection than any other brand hands down. University Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Connecticut, Auburn, and several others prove our technology works best at repelling unwanted deer and rabbits from landscapes, gardens, and crops.

Through years of research & development, plus confirmation from countless satisfied customers, we believe Nature’s MACE is the leader in animal repellent technology. By digging through hundreds of university studies we identified which ingredients worked best for repelling deer & rabbit. We then included exceptionally more of those ingredients into our formula to make the strongest repellent in the industry! Our product contains more than 2X the active ingredient of other leading deer and rabbit repellents.

Directions for Use

Deer and Rabbit MACE 1 Gallon. Ready-to-Use Spray is ideal for easy and quick application and surface area protection, no mixing required. Easy to use with No Hassle. The refillable, reusable, spray bottle will cover approximately 5,600 sq.ft. Shake well before every use. Apply liberally to plants and their perimeter during dry periods. Avoid spraying when plants are wet with dew. Saturate soil and surrounding areas. Repeat the process once a week for 3 weeks. Apply approximately once per month thereafter for maximum coverage. This will also train deer and rabbits to avoid treated areas. Allow 20-30 minutes for the product to dry before watering. At first, the product will have a slight smell but will dry odor-free. Store in a cool dry place. Do not let freeze.