Deer & Rabbit MACE 6lb. Granular Bag, Treats 6,000 Sq.Ft

  • Effectively Controls Deer and Rabbit Browsing
  • Proven Technology, Backed by University Studies & Years of Research
  • Repels Through a Unique 3-Pronged Approach
  • With Ingredients that Promote Strong Plant Growth and Recovery!
  • Highly Effective, with More Active Ingredient!
  • Biodegradable, Chemical Free, and Shockingly Easy to Use
  • Long Lasting Protection through Time Released Formula
  • Weather-Resistant and Works in All-Seasons!
  • A Great Winter Repellent to Prevent Tree Rubbings
  • Safe to use around Children, Pets, and Vegetation *when used as directed



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100% Money Back Guarantee

Product Description

Deer and Rabbit MACE granular is best used for lower-level ground vegetation, i.e., flowers, crops, bushes, seedlings, ornamental plants, shrubs, garden beds, and plants under 2 feet tall. Our granular repellents are perfect for perimeter applications to protect desired areas. Our powerful granular formulas are activated by the soil, so they retain their effectiveness as they decompose.

Deer and Rabbit MACE is manufactured with natural ingredients and is safe to use around family, pets, and plants (when used as directed). Deer & Rabbit MACE is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, plant friendly, and incredibly easy to use. No mixing or hassle is required. Apply directly from the container to instantly repel deer and rabbits.

This product does not require rotation with other repellents to be effective. Deer and rabbits naturally avoid our unique fear, scent, and taste-based technology, so the effectiveness will always work by triggering their instinctive flight response. Our time-released granular formula provides for long-lasting, year-round plant protection!

Deer and Rabbit MACE will naturally change animal browsing behavior. With regular application, on a 30 to 60-day rotation, you will save shrubs, trees, bushes, vines, and vegetables by training deer and rabbits to stay clear of your landscaped and garden areas.

For Winter Use

Deer and Rabbit MACE works great in all seasons of the year. It works as a winter repellent in preventing browsing, nibbling, and harmful deer rubbing. Simply apply it to the base of your trees. Prevent hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of deer damage before the spring season even begins.

When Deer and Rabbit MACE is properly applied, foraging deer and rabbits are guaranteed to move on to less stressful grounds. Protect your hard-earned landscape, trees, and crops from hungry deer and rabbits, before it’s too late. It is a highly effective repellent, backed by our Nature’s MACE 100% Money Back Guarantee! Try it Today Risk-Free!

How It Works

Through years of research and development, plus confirmation from countless satisfied customers, we believe Nature’s MACE is the leader in animal repellent technology. By digging through hundreds of scholarly journals we identified which ingredients worked best for repelling deer and rabbit. We then included exceptionally more of those key ingredients into one formula to make the ultimate deer and rabbit deterrent.

Deer and Rabbit MACE incorporates a unique 3-pronged approach, by combining fear, scent, and taste-based technology into one repellent. Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Connecticut, Auburn, and several others prove that the ingredients in our formula work best at repelling unwanted deer and rabbits.

Deer especially, are creatures of habit. If they feed on a particular landscape in the spring, you can bet they’ll be back to feed in the fall. Our product will help to disrupt their natural feeding habits and repel them out of their home range.

Directions for Use

Identify the area to protect or the problem areas caused by deer and rabbit munching (torn leaves, missing flowers, crushed plants, droppings, rubs).

For first application, apply Deer and Rabbit MACE Granular heavily and evenly 18” away from flower beds, landscaped ornamentals, gardens, ground cover and edibles in danger of animal browsing. You can also sprinkle in between plants. Apply a 24” (2 foot) wide barrier around plant groups. Re-apply every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain control.

In areas where Deer, Rabbit, Elk and Moose feeding or browsing is heavier and more intense, additional and/or more liberal applications may be required, increase barrier to 30” wide. This will eventually train animals to avoid and stay clear of your garden and landscaped areas. Re-apply after extensive snowfall by breaking up crusted snow prior to application. Re-apply after periods of heavy or prolonged rainfall.

Directions for Larger Areas: Apply Deer & Rabbit MACE™ Granular in a 24” wide protective strip/barrier around protective zone. Then apply a 15” wide strip inside the protective zone every 15 Feet.

Important Tip

This product is designed to mainly repel deer and elk. If you are trying to repel mainly rabbits, try our Rabbit MACE formulas. Our liquid repellents are best for larger and more widespread areas, and for higher level plant protection such as trees and bushes. Utilize both the granular and liquid deer repellents for best results and maximum coverage.