Dog MACE 22lb. Granular Pail, Treats 14,000 Sq.Ft

  • With A Naturally Fresh Minty Scent that Dogs Hate!
  • A Highly Rated Training Aid To Keep Dogs Away!
  • Works on Both Stray and Domestic Dogs
  • Can be applied both Indoors and Outdoors
  • A Humane Solution with No Harsh Chemicals or Poisons
  • Safe to Use around Pets, Plants, Children, & Wildlife
  • With More Active Ingredient for Stronger & Longer Lasting Protection!
  • Works Instantly and Powerfully Upon First Application
  • 100% Bio-Degradable, Fully Natural, and Incredibly Easy to Use
  • A Safe Solution for the Most Bothersome of Dogs



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Product Description

Dog MACE offers pet-safe protection against stray and unwanted dogs. Our proprietary blend of all natural ingredients outperforms other brands by effectively repelling stray dogs before they have a chance to damage property. Dog’s smell treated areas from far off and instinctively keep away. This is a non-toxic formula dogs avoid.

Nature’s MACE product line is manufactured with Eco-friendly ingredients, safe for family, pets, plants and the environment! Our rain-resistant formula provides long-lasting year-round plant protection against stray dogs.

Dog MACE will naturally change animal behavior. With regular application, on a 1 to 7 day rotation, you’ll teach dogs to stay clear of lawns, landscaped and garden areas. Dogs especially, are creatures of habit and require both safe and effective deterrents. Dog MACE is the most powerful form of all-natural dog control available. It’s your natural solution, easy to use and guaranteed to work!

Dog MACE is all natural and contains no chemical or poisons. You can safely use Dog MACE on yard, vegetable gardens, landscapes, patios, garbage cans, campsites, parks, picnic areas, and car tires.

Why Dogs Dig

Dogs have many unique behaviors, some good and some bad. One of the most frustrating behaviors dogs are known for is digging. One reason dogs dig is stress relief. Whether they’re anxious about being separated from their humans, or they’re bored, digging helps with their struggles! Dogs dig for entertainment and to seek human attention.

Another reason is they’re looking to make their great escape! Dogs are talented at being escape artists especially when there is something blocking something they want! Genetics will also play a role with some dog breeds, being particularly known for digging. They dig to make a spot for their dens out of instinct, or if they sense a small pest in the yard like gophers, insects, or moles.

Sometimes they dig to mark their territory and sometimes it’s to hide their favorite toy or bone. Regardless of the reason if digging is an issue never leave a dog unsupervised and provide alternate options in place of digging! Have outdoor toys dogs are encouraged to play with, create an area designated for digging, and use a natural anti-dig dog repellent to stop them.

Directions for Use

To keep contents fresh, be sure to close container tightly after use. For first application, apply Dog MACE Granular heavily and evenly over yards, landscapes, flowers beds, ornamentals, gardens, ground cover and areas in danger of stray dogs.

For Large Areas: Apply a 24” (2 foot) wide barrier around plant groups. Re-apply every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain control. In areas where Dog’s visits are heavier and more intense, additional and/or more liberal applications may be required, increase the barrier to 30” wide. This will eventually train dogs to avoid and stay clear of treated areas. Re-apply after extensive rainfall. Re-apply after extensive snowfall by breaking up crusted snow prior to application.

Important tip: Before using the repellent, be sure to clean up the area’s dogs are urinating/defecating in. Dogs are territorial and are frequently attracted to another animal’s scent. They also get accustomed to “going” in the same area, especially if it’s their territory. You should clean the area to establish control, and then use the repellent so that they won’t return to mark their territory.