Skeeter MACE Outdoor Insect Control Spray, 5 Gallon Concentrate

  • Kills and Repels a Large Variety of Outdoor Insects
  • Can be Used Directly on Plant Foliage to Target Insects
  • Used as a Soil Drench to Kill Ground Insects
  • Proven Effective Technology with Powerful Plant-Based Oils
  • Does Not Harm Beneficial Insects such as Bees or Butterflies
  • An Easy To Use Solution with Pleasantly Fresh Minty Aroma
  • Safe to Use Around Children, Pets, and Wildlife *when used as directed
  • Successfully Kills Insect Larvae, Nymphs, and Adults
  • With Visibly Clear Results that Last
  • Non-Toxic and Free of Pesticides such as Deet or Permethrin



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Product Description

Skeeter MACE will effectively kill and repel a variety of outdoor insects. The formula works as a natural insecticide against mosquitoes, gnats, fleas, ticks, ants, spiders, aphids, flies, moths, crickets, no-see-ums, chiggers, Japanese beetles, and other unwanted outdoor bugs. Its plant-based formula works fast to kill and control insect populations in treated areas.

Keep your area clear of biting insects without harming your lawn, garden, or family. Our repellent is designed to effectively repel flying and crawling outdoor pests, without harming you or your pet. We believe in using natural products that will safely keep pests away. We know the dangers of using toxic pesticides which is why we promote the use of natural-based products for healthy agriculture, households, and ecosystems. We use ingredients that target insects’ exoskeletons and interfere with their natural biochemistry. It works to repel and kill bugs at all costs, while being home friendly. Protect your family and enjoy being outside again! Skeeter MACE is backed by our Nature’s MACE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Try It Today Risk Free and Use with Confidence! 

Skeeter MACE uses potent and safe essential oils that are proven to be highly effective against a multitude of insects. After conducting years of research and testing we have concluded what ingredients work best. To create the best repellent possible, we include more of only the most effective ingredients. Our solution uniquely kills in all stages of a bug’s life cycle. Skeeter MACE is fast acting, incredibly easy to use, and effective for prolonged periods of time. To create a lasting repellent, we include specialized ingredients known as sticking agents and carrier oils. These ingredients increase the lifespan of our formula and its effectiveness (in all weather conditions). Our technology helps the repellent bind to the protected areas, creating a sustained environment that bugs hate!

Where to Apply

You can apply Skeeter MACE to pool areas, decks, boats, docks, patios, campers, campsites, tents, dog kennels, gardens, lawns, shrubs, trees, landscapes, golf courses, parks, outdoor sitting areas, child and pet play areas, and anywhere else bugs are present. It is used in both commercial and residential applications. Many customers have found success in using our product before or during an outdoor party, event, or celebration.

Skeeter MACE is made of natural botanical oils that smell pleasant and compliment any outdoor area! People love the smell, and it can work as a deodorizer. It is perfect for use in sensitive areas, safe for use on all types of vegetation, and does not harm beneficial insects such as bees or butterflies. Skeeter MACE lets you avoid the toxic, and potentially harmful, pesticides whilst enjoying a wave of powerful protection.

Directions for Use

Shake well before and during each use. For the initial treatment, apply liberally and evenly to any outdoor area’s bugs are present in. Apply more frequently to break the egg cycle. Target mosquito larvae by applying to low-level vegetation and areas of water. Cover the entire area and slightly overlap areas. Spray again within 5-10 days, or as needed, to establish control. Re-apply every 30-40 days for ongoing prevention. Reapply after heavy rain.

Skeeter MACE can be used directly on plants to kill insects. Apply directly to plant foliage, including the undersides of leaves. Apply as needed, or once every 1-2 weeks, to help protect plants. Apply ready to use spray directly to soil as a soil drench. This product is effective against ground insects and preventing dirt mounds. Skeeter MACE can be used in almost any misting or watering system, fogger, or application sprayer. For commercial use and mixing systems apply at the normal 32:1 ratio or 0.80 fluid ounces per 1,000 square feet. Skeeter MACE is highly concentrated and must be properly diluted to avoid damage to plants.


Higher mixing rates of concentrate to water yield better results. For larger scale, outdoor use, we recommend the concentrated sprays to cover more area. They allow you to better control the strength and application frequency. Do not spray during heavy wind or if heavy rain is expected. Apply in the early morning or evening, before or after peak sun hours, to avoid rapid evaporation. This product is not designed to be used directly on the skin of humans or animals. Always test on a small area before full use to test for allergies.

Mosquito Tips

One of the more effective things you can do to prevent mosquitoes, is to remove any stagnant water. Until they become adults, mosquito larvae are born and survive in standing water. Pay attention to birdbaths, clogged rain gutters, tarps, pool covers, water buckets, pet water bowls, gardening pots, old car tires, decorative lawn ornaments, and natural lawn areas with excess water.

Mosquitoes enjoy shaded areas that are near grassy and brushy areas. Be sure to cut back trees, pick up downed leaves and debris, frequently mow your lawn, and remove any excess foliage. This will allow more sun to evaporate any excess moisture and limit the problem areas bugs can inhabit. Clean up, especially around your home’s foundation, and around areas where you gather.

For any outside patio or gathering areas, consider installing an overhead or stationary fan. This will make it more difficult for mosquitoes to target you, as the fan disburses the carbon dioxide emitted by humans. The circulating fan will also make it more difficult for mosquitoes to fly in to bite you, as they have fragile wings and are easily thrown off course by wind. Use these methods, along with Skeeter MACE, to lead the way to your bug-free area!