Snake MACE 3lb Granular Bag, Treats 1,500 Sq.Ft

  • Repels Snakes Fast and Helps Prevent Them from Returning
  • Commercially Used, Industrial Grade Strength
  • Proven Technology Backed by Years of Research & Testing
  • Bio-Degradable, Dustless, & Free of Toxic Naphthalene
  • Eliminates the Need for Toxic Poisons in Sensitive Areas
  • Made of Plant-Based and Natural Ingredients
  • Ready-To-Use & Easy to Use = No Mess or Hassle! 
  • A Pet, Plant, and Child Friendly Solution *when used as directed
  • A Stronger Formula, with More Active Ingredient
  • Offered with our Nature’s MACE 100% Money Back Guarantee!



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100% Money Back Guarantee

Product Description

The formula goes to work fast, repelling snakes before they become a greater issue. Snake MACE is a potent, time-released formula, that will provide all-season protection. It will also work at any time of the year (all seasons). Because of snake’s natural aversion to Snake MACE™ ingredients, product effectiveness will not diminish. Snake MACE does not require rotation with other repellents or methods to be effective. It is effective, eco-friendly, and long-lasting. Although it may be effective, this product is not recommended for controlling or repelling poisonous snakes.

To create Snake MACE, we first analyzed the best snake repellents on the market. We then isolated the most effective ingredients into one ultimate and natural snake repellent. Snake MACE uses more of the most powerful active ingredients.

Snake MACE helps protect gardeners, children, pets, farm animals, and all outdoor enthusiasts from snakes. A home-friendly and safe snake repellent that helps prevent snake entry, roaming, and foraging. Snake MACE is backed by our Nature’s MACE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Say Goodbye to Snakes and Try it Today Risk-Free!

Where to Use

Trusted by many, Snake MACE is used heavily in both commercial and home/garden applications. Natural ingredients make it safe for use in protecting crawl spaces, flower beds, yard areas, gardens, garages, greenhouses, grow rooms, playgrounds, golf courses, chicken coops, animal barns, farms, outbuildings, commercial landscapes, and any space where snakes may hide!

We believe in using natural products that will humanely keep your pest away. We know the dangers of using toxic pesticides which is why we promote the use of natural-based products for healthy agriculture, households, and ecosystems. Snake MACE is made of natural ingredients and contains no chemicals or poisons.

How It Works

Snakes MACE™ snake repellent is a unique and highly potent combination of ingredients that irritate and confuse snake’s chemosensory systems or “sense of taste and smell”. Our formula repels by disrupting snakes Jacobson Gland, irritating the snake, causing it to turn back and seek a more pleasant environment. When these sensitive senses are confused, snakes are unable to gather information about its surrounding environment; forcing it to flee the area and look elsewhere to survive.

Directions for Use

For the first application, apply Snake MACE granular repellent heavily and evenly over yards, gardens, lawns, trees, shrubs, sheds, barns, flower beds, and areas where snakes may be present. Apply directly on and around areas. Re-apply every 2 weeks to maintain control.

In areas where snake visits are heavier and more intense, additional and/or more liberal applications may be required. This will eventually train snakes to avoid and stay clear of treated areas. Effectiveness will last approximately 7 days and will continue to work if the repellent is present. Repeat applications as necessary.

If you are trying to protect a specific area, create a light and even 2-4-foot-wide band around area(s). This may not repel on direct contact with snakes. Be patient. It may take a full day or two for snakes to be discouraged by the repellent applied areas.

Please use label precautions when applying. Do not apply during heavy wind. Re-apply after frequent or heavy rainfall. This product is not recommended for indoor use. Do not expose to flame. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not let freeze.

Snake Repellent Tips

Keep your landscape as clean as possible by removing any rock or wood piles. Cover firewood piles with a tarp sealed to the ground. Snakes like to hide, so remove any leaf piles, compost piles, mulch piles, and overgrown bushes or brush. Limit or remove any moisture on your property, including small ponds, bird baths, rain barrels, puddles, pool cover moisture, and more. In summer months, snakes eat rodents and hide in hard to find, cold and damp areas, in order to cool down.

Fill in any live or abandoned animal burrows that snakes can find shelter in. Trim your overhanging tree branches. Some species of snakes are more willing to climb and may drop down on your home or yard. Keep your grass short. You can more easily locate and repel snakes, and they will avoid the area for fear of predators. Every snake species behaves differently. They hide and behave differently during the warmer months than they do during the colder months.

Secondly, do your best to remove or repel their food source. Snakes love to eat frogs, mice, rats, moles, voles, slugs, snails, grasshoppers, insects, small farm animals, eggs, fish, and more. Remove any excess trash and limit feeding your pets outside. Bird feeders will also attract rodents such as chipmunks and mice, so consider relocating or removing this.

Lastly, protect your home by sealing in any possible entry points. Use sealant, caulk, or expandable foam to fill in any cracks, holes, or crevices. Keep any barns, sheds, or garages sealed tight and tidy inside so that snakes are less likely to come in to hide. Snakes commonly seek shelter under sheds or in storage areas.

If a snake manages to get inside your home, you may have a mouse (dead or alive). Remove the mice, seal all entry points, and repel the mice from returning. Replace any damaged piping, gutters, ventilation ducks, door, or window screens. Routinely check crawl spaces and vents leading outside. If you are dealing with a venomous snake issue, it may be best to contact animal control or a professional pest removal company to avoid being bit.