Snake MACE 7lb. Granular Bag, Treats 3,600 Sq.Ft

  • Industrial Grade Strength that can last up to 4 months or more!
  • Proven Technology Backed by Years of Research & Testing
  • 100% Bio-Degradable, Dustless, & Chemical (Naphthalene) Free
  • Eliminates the Need for Toxic Poisons in Sensitive Areas
  • All-Natural & Made of Premium Ingredients
  • Ready-To-Use & Easy to Use Granules = No Mess or Hassle! 
  • Successfully Stops snakes on contact, & prevents them from returning
  • A Pet, Plant, and Child Friendly Repellent 
  • Stronger formula with More Active Ingredient than other competing brands
  • Offered with our Nature’s MACE 100% Money Back Guarantee!



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100% Money Back Guarantee

Product Description

Snake MACE is a potent time-release formula making it both highly effective and longer lasting than other leading brands. Trusted by many, Snake MACE is used heavily in both commercial and home/garden applications. Because of snake’s natural aversion to Snake MACE™ ingredients, product effectiveness will never diminish. Snake MACE DOES NOT require rotation with other repellents to be effective. This repellent works immediately on contact and continues to repel for sometimes months on end. Natural ingredients make it safe for use in protecting flowers, crawl spaces, gardens, play grounds, golf courses, barns, landscapes and any space where snakes may hide. 

To create Snake MACE we first analyzed the best snake repellents on the market. We then isolated the most effective ingredients into one powerful natural snake repellent. Snake MACE uses more of the most powerful active ingredients.

Snake MACE Snake Repellent is manufactured with Eco-friendly ingredients, and is safe for family, pets, and the environment! It even works as an organic fertilizer! Our formula provides for all-season protection and will work anytime of the year. Snake MACE can handle the most aggressive of snakes during any season! Snake MACE is backed by our Nature’s MACE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Try Today Risk Free!

Snake MACE Snake Repellent is all-natural and contains no chemicals or poisons. You can safely use the Snake MACE repellent on yard areas, greenhouse, grow room, farms, barns/outbuilding, vegetable gardens, flower beds, crops and commercial landscapes. Be ahead of the game and choose a snake repellent you can trust to protect your snake-infested area. 

How It Works

Snakes MACE™ snake repellent is a unique and highly potent combination of ingredients that irritate and confuse snake’s chemosensory systems or “sense of taste and smell”. Snake MACE repels by disrupting snakes Jacobs Gland, irritating the snake, causing it to turn back and seek a more pleasant environment. When these senses are confused, snakes are unable to gather information about its surrounding environment; forcing it to flee the area, looking elsewhere to survive.

Directions for Use

For first application, apply Snake MACE Snake Repellent Granular heavily and evenly over yardsdirectly to flower beds, garden, lawn, trees, shrubs, and areas where snakes are present.

Re-apply every 2 weeks to maintain control. In areas where snake visits are heavier and more intense, additional and/or more liberal applications may be required. This will eventually teach snakes to avoid and stay clear of treated areas. Re-apply after extensive rainfall.

Effectiveness will last approximately 7 days and will continue to work if the repellent is present. Reapply weekly and after frequent or heavy rainfall. Repeat applications as necessary. This product is not recommended for indoor use. Do not expose to flame. Store in a cool dry place. Do not let freeze.