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Snake MACE 6lb. Granular Shaker, Treats 3,000 Sq.Ft

Product Features:

• Naphthalene and Chemical Free
• Time-release formula (Long Lasting)

• Safe to use around children, pets, and wildlife
• New Industrial strength formula
• Fresh Minty Scent Snakes Can’t Stand
• 100% Bio-Degradable and Easy to Use
• Eliminates the need for poisons in sensitive areas
• Successfully Repels Snakes and other reptiles

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Free Shipping On Orders Over $25


100% Money Back Guarantee

Product Description

Snakes MACE snake repellent is a unique combination of ingredients that irritate and confuse snake’s chemosensory systems or “sense of taste and smell”. When these senses are confused, snakes are unable to gather information about its surrounding environment, forcing it to flee the area looking elsewhere to survive. Snake MACE is a time-release formula making it highly effective and longer lasting than other leading brands.

Snake MACE Snake Repellent is manufactured with Eco-friendly ingredients, safe for family, pets, and the environment! Our rain-resistant formula provides long-lasting year-round protection.

With regular application, you’ll protect your home, garage crawl space, office, warehouse, and garden areas. Snake MACE is the most powerful form of all-natural snake control available.

Snake MACE Snake Repellent all natural and contains no chemical or poisons. You can safely use Snake MACE Repellent on yard areas, greenhouse, grow room, farms, barns/out building, vegetable gardens, flower beds, crops and commercial landscape.

Directions for Use

Apply Snakes MACE Snake Repellent directly to flower beds, garden, lawn, trees, shrubs, and areas where snakes are present.

Effectiveness will last approximately 7 days and will continue to work if the repellent is present. Reapply weekly and after frequent or heavy rainfall and repeat applications as necessary. This product is not recommended for indoor use. Do not expose to flame. Store in a cool dry place. Do not let freeze.


  1. julia

    So far it seems to be working.

  2. GloriaP

    Great product. I live in Virginia and I use this product every year when we go camping. I definitely recommend it.

  3. Andrea C

    We got this stuff because we had a snake in our basement. Since we put this stuff out and around the yard we have not seen any.

  4. bfzr

    Excellent, Good product, good supplier.

  5. MAC2

    Product works well, didn’t see any snakes after spreading this product. Usually last 1-2 months depending on how much and how heavy the rain is. I live in FL and every spring time we saw mating party of about 15-20 or so snakes but not this year! This product works

  6. Mkay

    I use it in my garden with good results


    Timely shipment. Appears to be effective.

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