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Nature's MACE is a U.S animal repellent manufacturer with a product line that was previously sold heavily in commercial applications and online. As they now migrate into stores across America, you can benefit from an exclusive offering with no big box store competition.
We are a growing company, in a growing industry, that's dedicated to making our products and services better year over year. We stand behind the products we develop and try to make them as effective as possible. We heavily research and test our formulas before ever bringing them to the market. We offer a variety of top-notch repellents, including granular, liquid ready-to-use, and liquid concentrate, for a variety of different pests. We aim to offer more value-driven repellents, that actually work, at a more favorable and competitive price point.
We are a veteran, family-owned, and operated business with strong moral values. Like most of the people we work with, we have high expectations and live up to our word. We take pride in having close vendor relationships, friendly customer service, and an easy ordering process. We'll try to make it as efficient as possible for you to do business with us.  We'll accommodate you logistically and financially to the best of our ability so that you're successful. We also offer product promotions and provide advertisement content, including but not limited to, display shelves, signs, banners, brochures, product sheets, pamphlets, videos, social media posts, and anything else you request.
Besides our standard pricing for stores and distributors, we've created a new program with special wholesale pricing for landscapers, farmers, and other commercial applicators.
**All products are offered, exclusions apply**
We provide a 100% money-back guarantee on each of our repellents. On top of giving a full refund, we'll work with a customer until their pest issue is resolved. We'll help them to identify their pest issue, explain where and how to apply the repellent, send out more product free of charge, and even guide them into alternative solutions if ours is not a fit.  We will provide as much help as needed for the people who help keep our lights on.


To become a dealer, wholesaler, distributor, reseller, or store carrying the Nature's MACE product line please contact us by filling out the form below. To get started with a price sheet, or if you need more information, please email [email protected]

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