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September 15, 2023 7 min read


Do you find yourself constantly shooing your feline friend off the kitchen counter? You're not alone. Many cat owners face this daily challenge, trying various methods to keep their curious pets from exploring elevated surfaces. In this extensive guide, we at delve deep to unearth why cats are drawn to heights and how you can use this knowledge to create effective counter deterrents for cats that are both natural and safe.

As a trusted leader in natural pest control, we are here to equip you with tried and tested strategies, developed over a decade of expertise, to foster a healthy environment for both your pets and your family. Read on as we explore the best natural counter deterrents and witness the transformation in your cat’s behavior while promoting a safe, chemical-free household.

Understanding Why Cats Love Heights

Cats are naturally inclined to seek out high ground, a behavior deeply ingrained from their ancestors. It is a natural instinct that cat owners should understand to effectively create a counter deterrent for cats. In this section, we unravel the mysteries behind this behavior and how it can guide us in formulating a successful strategy to keep your counters cat-free.

Cats' Natural Instincts

Delving into the history of these intriguing creatures, we find that climbing to elevated areas is a survival tactic inherited from their wild ancestors. It served as a vantage point to keep an eye on prey and predators alike. Understanding this can be a powerful tool in your deterrent strategy, providing insight into the innate desires driving your pet’s behavior.

Benefits for the Cats

Aside from being a safety mechanism, being on a higher ground offers your feline friend both mental and physical stimulation, satisfying their natural curiosity and agile nature. Recognizing the benefits it brings to your cat, from a more dynamic view of their surroundings to offering a retreat from other household pets, will allow you to create solutions that meet both your needs and those of your beloved pet.

The Importance of Safe Counter Deterrents

As we venture further into the topic of counter deterrents for cats, it is essential to emphasize the crucial role safety plays in the choices we make. From understanding the adverse effects of chemical solutions to highlighting the benefits of natural alternatives, this section is designed to guide you in making informed decisions for the wellbeing of both your feline companions and the environment. Let’s explore why natural deterrents should be your go-to choice.

Hazards of Chemical Deterrents

In the pursuit of a cat-free counter, it is not uncommon to come across solutions laden with chemicals. However, such approaches not only pose a serious health risk to your furry friends but can also have detrimental effects on the environment. Over the years, numerous studies have illuminated the dangers associated with the use of chemical deterrents, ranging from respiratory issues to severe skin irritations in cats. By opting for chemical-free solutions, you are choosing a path that safeguards the health of your pet and promotes a greener planet.

Advantages of Natural Deterrents

Steering away from chemicals brings us to a realm of possibilities with natural deterrents, a choice that aligns perfectly with the mission of Nature’s MACE. By choosing natural products, you are fostering a home environment that is safe and nurturing for your cat while ensuring the sustainability of our ecosystem. From reducing carbon footprint to preventing allergic reactions, natural solutions stand tall as the most responsible choice. Later in this guide, we will introduce you to a range of products and DIY solutions that echo this sentiment, paving the way for a harmonious coexistence with your pet.

Top Natural Counter Deterrent Strategies

As we forge ahead in our mission to maintain cat-free counters, it becomes important to acquaint ourselves with natural deterrent strategies that are both effective and safe. In this pivotal section, we present to you a selection of Nature’s MACE products alongside easy DIY solutions, which resonate with the core values of safety and environmental sustainability. Let’s dive into these strategies that promise to revolutionize your approach to counter deterrence for cats.

Deterrent Products by Nature’s MACE

Embark on a journey towards a harmonious living space with our tailor-made products designed specifically to cater to your needs. Each product has been crafted through meticulous research and development to ensure the utmost efficacy while retaining a commitment to natural ingredients. All of our Cat Repellent Products at Nature’s MACE are 100% all natural, organic and chemical free. We offer both a liquid option and a granular option. In this circumstance, the Liquid Cat MACE Spray is recommended. You can spray Cat MACE Directly onto the counter and wipe away. The scent-based technology will remain, and Cats will not want to jump onto the counter. 

Nature's MACE Cat MACE

DIY Solutions

For the avid DIY enthusiasts among us, crafting homemade solutions can not only be a rewarding experience but also an economical choice. Within this spectrum of options, one standout is the homemade cat repellent spray, a go-to for effective and natural counter deterrent for cats.

DIY Cat Repellent Spray

Engaging in a simple DIY project can provide you with a potent tool in your efforts to maintain a cat-free counter. To create this spray, you will need:

  • Water
  • A few drops of essential oils (citrus-based oils like lemon or orange are often recommended)
  • A spray bottle.


  1. Fill the spray bottle with water, leaving a little space at the top.
  2. Add 10-15 drops of the chosen essential oil into the spray bottle.
  3. Screw the cap back on and shake well to mix the solution.
  4. Spray the solution on the counters, avoiding areas where food is prepared.
  5. Monitor your cat’s reaction to ensure the scent is effective as a deterrent and adjust the number of drops as necessary.

This spray harnesses the natural aversion cats have towards citrus scents, offering a humane and easy solution to keep them off your counters. Besides being cost-effective, this solution pledges safety for your feline friend, aligning with Nature’s MACE’s commitment to natural and secure home environments.

Introducing Cats to Alternative High Places

As we build a strategy to deter cats from counters, it’s equally important to offer them alternative high places that cater to their instinctual needs. This approach not only ensures a cat-free counter but also guarantees a happier, stimulated feline. Herein, we delve deep into the viable alternatives, leveraging Nature’s MACE’s decade-long expertise in animal behavior to suggest the most natural and safe alternatives for your home.

Buying or Building Cat Trees

A cat tree is an excellent alternative, offering various heights and hiding spots that cater to your feline's instincts. When selecting a cat tree, consider features like stability, material, and the inclusivity of scratching posts. Should you opt for a DIY approach, ensure to use non-toxic materials and secure all elements firmly to ensure your pet’s safety. Nature’s MACE recommends exploring options that integrate recycled or sustainable materials, echoing the brand's dedication to fostering eco-friendly solutions.

Window Perches and Shelves

Offer your cat a bird's eye view of the outside world with window perches and shelves. These installations not only satisfy their curiosity but also serve as a serene spot for them to relax. While buying, prioritize options that are easy to install and clean. If you decide to build one, maintain a safe distance from the window to prevent accidents. As always, integrating plants that are safe for cats can add a refreshing touch to these spaces, promoting a healthy environment for your pet.

Maintaining a Cat-Free Counter with Routine and Reinforcement

As we come to the final chapter of our comprehensive guide, it is essential to highlight that achieving a cat-free counter is a gradual process that involves routine and reinforcement. In this segment, we leverage the vast repository of knowledge at Nature's MACE to offer insights on instilling a disciplined routine and the right reinforcement strategies to maintain a cat-free counter while fostering a loving relationship with your pet.

Establishing a Routine

To forge a habit of avoiding the counters, it is pivotal to establish a routine for your cat that incorporates feeding, playtime, and relaxation at designated areas away from the counters. Embarking on this journey necessitates patience and consistency. Start by scheduling specific feeding times and encouraging play in areas away from the counters. Harness the potential of Nature's MACE products to create an environment that naturally dissuades them from venturing onto the counters.

Positive Reinforcement Strategies

Once the routine is set, the next step is to reinforce this behavior positively. Praise your feline friend warmly when they adhere to the rules, offering them treats and affection. In cases of non-adherence, a firm “no” should suffice, avoiding any form of physical punishment. To bolster this strategy, consider setting up automated spray deterrents from Nature's MACE that are triggered when a breach occurs, offering a natural, safe, yet effective solution to maintain the discipline.

Conclusion: Navigating the Path to a Harmonious Living Space

As we draw this comprehensive guide to a close, it is evident that achieving a cat-free counter is indeed a multifaceted approach grounded in understanding, patience, and the diligent application of natural deterrent strategies. Leveraging products by Nature’s MACE can significantly ease this transition, ensuring an environment that respects the natural instincts of your feline friend while maintaining hygiene and order in your household.

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