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Cat MACE Granular Cat Repellent and Training Tool

Treats 1,400 Sq. Ft
+ Key Benefits

🐈 Repels and Trains Cats and Kittens to Stay Away.

✅ Stops Cat Digging, Scratching, and Other Unwanted Behaviors. Easy-To-Use plus Effective in All-Seasons.

🪴 Works to Protect Precise Areas from Cat Damage. Establish Boundaries and Correct Bad Habits.

🏡 Indoor and Outdoor Use. No Harsh Chemicals & Biodegradable. Weather-Resistant Formula with Lasting Effectiveness.

⭐️ Safe to Use Around Children, Pets, and Plants *when used as directed.

+ Where to Use

This granular repellent was designed to stop cats from digging, peeing, and rummaging in flowerbeds, flowerpots, lawns, landscapes, gardens, shrubs, bushes, trees, patios, fences, foundations, trash areas, and other treated areas. It is best used to protect precise areas from cat damage.

Product Details

Cat MACE granular cat repellent works by training and repelling stray and domestic cats. This anti-dig cat deterrent incorporates a unique scent that is tolerable to humans but naturally irritating to cats. It also uses powerful bittering agents to discourage cat chewing, digging, and rummaging. This helps prevent cats from uprooting plants, digging in flowerbeds, and ruining landscapes.

With regular application, you’ll teach stray and domestic cats to stay clear of the protected areas. Cats are creatures of habit and require both humane and aggressive deterring. Its formula packs a mighty cat punch and contains an effective blend of biobased cat-deterring ingredients. It's easy to use and does not harm cats. With Cat MACE you can potentially avoid a battle with your neighbors and a lasting headache. There is no need to set up traps or get the humane society/animal control involved. Regain control and put an end to your annoying cat issue, naturally! Anyone can use Cat MACE, so Try it Today Risk-Free with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Nature’s MACE products are manufactured with earth-friendly ingredients. They are safe to use around family, pets, plants, and the environment (when used as directed). Our rain-resistant granular cat repellent provides long-lasting and all-season protection from stray and domestic cats.


Apply by spreading granules over the area to be protected in a 2-foot-wide strip. To begin, apply heavily and evenly, in and around areas to protect. Apply early when you first notice cat activity. If the cat claims the area as its own, more can be attracted. Re-apply as needed or until cats are trained to stay clear of protected areas. Re-apply every 2 to 3 weeks for maintenance. For larger areas, where cat visits are more frequent, increase the barrier to 30 inches wide. Applications and results can vary depending on how ingrained cats’ habits are and how often they visit an area. Whether or not it is a domestic or stray cat may affect product results.

For Potted Plants: Cat MACE can be applied directly to indoor and outdoor plants. Replace the dirt as sitting urine will likely attract cats. You can also dilute the urine by watering the plant for longer than usual (ensure adequate drainage). Thoroughly clean the pots and their surrounding areas. Also, consider laying down chicken wire or fencing over the soil to prevent cats from uprooting plants. For Garden Beds: Consider laying down mulch in and around plant beds. Consider using a mulch with, or adding to it, ingredients such as eggshells, nutshells, pinecones, tree bark, rocks, holly cuttings, or anything else rough, jagged, and irritating to cats’ paws.

Customer Reviews

Based on 376 reviews

Have not used yet because of rain and snow

Y Walker (Alabama)
Working So Far

I was a little skeptical but when I poured a little of the Mace out in my flower bed I touched and smelled it and thought to myself this should work. Although I see the cats go in my garden on the security cameras, usually 3 or 4 AM, they are not scratching the soil/mulch which makes me think they are not using it as a toilet due to the Mace. They normally dig around in there. I have more flower beds to treat but wanted to test in the big one first as that is the one they like best.

Clarence Britt (New York)
Don’t Buy Cat Mace

This stuff does not work. The cat is laughing when he smell, the keeps going in the area where the Cat Mace is placed.
I used the whole bag a waste of money and this stuff isn’t cheap. This cat doesn’t belong to me it’s a stray, and Cat Mace can not keep it away.

Hi Clarence,
Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear that the Cat MACE Hasn't shown positive results yet. Please keep in mind the Cat MACE is not an instant action product and reapplications are needed in order to deter cats. If the Cat is using the bathroom in your yard, also make sure to clean up and waste so as to not attract the cats to keep returning the area. Thank you!


Cat MACE Granular Cat Repellent and Training Tool

Laura Hutchison (Florida)
This Stuff Works!

We have an unfortunate problem of feral cats in the neighborhood who like to use our landscaping for a toilet. We used the Cat Mace and they stay away! It really does the job.

AMMCPA (Nevada)
Cat Mace Granular Cat Repellent

Getting rid of feral cats is not easy. I have had some good success using this product. I am not easy to please in general, but I do recommend this product based upon the results that I have been able to achieve by using it.

S. Greene (California)
Great product!!!!

We have issues with stray cats and neighbors dogs using our lawn as a toilet. We purchased the cat mace and it seems to work. While applying it I inhaled the smell and it was stuck in my throat. Should I be concern if this happen even though it was not near my face it was so strong when I breath in , it is now irritating my throat. Do I need to be concerned? Great product !!!

Hi! Thank you for your review. We are very glad to hear you are seeing positive results with the Cat MACE. The scent is strong, but the product is all natural and will not cause any harm. You may consider wearing a mask next time you apply the MACE to avoid the strong smell getting stuck in your throat.

Reymundo Saavedra (California)
Cat Mace

It's an excellent product. The people who created it did an AMAZING JOB!!! It's safe for the cat and at the same time it deters them. The cat is safe and the customer like me are COMPLETELY SATISFIED!!! I bought some for my mom who lives alone and has a cat problem was so HAPPY. SHE LOVES THE PRODUCT. She was concerned about the cats and experienced for herself how safe it is.