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Nature's MACE Reviews

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But yard insect repellent we have ever used, and we have all of them

Best yard insect repellent we have used and we have tried all of them.

My mace!

Happy with the product, but could use a screen on the spout so it doesn’t come out so fast, and maybe a handle on bottom of bag, but maybe too expensive to do!
Thank you,

Deer mace

Your product works wonderful! Keeps critters at bay

testing your Deer and Rabbit products

Last year was the first year I tried your product. I am on year two now. I have had a consistent deer problem for many years and i have a lot of landscape plants to worry about. I have used the granuals as well as the stray. I will say it has worked great if you are consistent on applying the applications. I have used in on my flower beds as well as my vegetable garden. This one is someone of a challenge because it is all good eating for the deer. I have decided to at least put the graules around the edge as you suggested. and I sprinkle it in-between the plants too about once a week. In my flower beds it seems that spraying them once a month does the trick for them. I asked my neighbor across the street if she wanted me to spray her hydrangeas and hostas as she has not had any luck keeping the deer away for the 7 years they have lived them. It has been a great success. The deer have forgotten there used to be something to eat there. She is very happy. I have told many people how happy I am with the product. They look at me in disbelief. I have even talked to the nurseries i go to and have contacted my company that fertilizes my grass. No one has heard or your company. I suggested they they might even what to start a separate division in their company to spray the plants in people’s yard. So far no takers. I live in the Columbus Ohio area and so far no one has ever heard of your products. There is a market here if you ever want to expand. Of course people have told me about their rabbit problem, mole and yesterday about ground hogs. Do not know if you have products for that. The real issue is to follow your directions and spray and sprinkle the granules around on a consistent basis. I love your product and will continue to use and tell other people of my success.

Cat Maze

I used this product to try and deter my cat from an area and much to my dismay it did not work. It never phazed him. I am out the expense of 2 bottles because I had high hopes from your information.

Hi Linda,
We are sorry to hear that you have not seen good results with the Cat MACE. Please reach out to customer service and we would love to discuss this with you.
Thank you.

It Works!

Excellent product. It is the only thing I've used that really deters the pesky rabbits in my garden. Thank you!

I have flowers!

Deer Mace is absolutely the best product for keeping deer out of your flower garden. I was in a panic when Amazon stopped shipping it. Only God knows why. I ordered it straight from the manufacturer website and got it in two days. Thanks!

Thanks for your wonderful Review. Your flowers are beautiful!
We are glad when you had shipping troubles you were able to get it directy from us!

It works. What better review can there be?

So far it seems to be working

The spray seems to be keeping the deer from browsing on the plants and bushes; I have re-applied twice because there has been so much rain. The spray does not have as bad of an odor as the other product I had used previously.

Mole & Vold Granular Repellant

This product comes in a easy to pour bag with easy to pour spout. After applying over our mulch bed, I observed Mole stopped coming to the mulch bed digging holes. This product has some odor but not intoleranle.It requires little moisture to activate this product. The vendor communicated very well about the product shipment etc. If need arise, I will use Mace to buy other products from their website

Unexpected results

Our darling dog insisted on chowing down the mace. We had to remove it and put the bag away.

Hi Garah,
We are sorry to hear that your dog was eating the MACE. This is actually normal behavior when you first apply the MACE as the dog is trying to figure out what it is. You will need to reapply the mace daily for ten days in order to establish a barrier. After ten days, you can reduce application to once per week. This should show better results.

Nature's MACE Granular Deer & Rabbit Repellent

The best!

This is my third season using the deer & rabbit repellent and I have not had one plant eaten!! They still roam my yard but stay away from the flowers. It’s the best of both worlds! Thanks Nature’s Mace for a great product , your friendly staff and a made in America product🇺🇸

Nature's MACE Granular Deer & Rabbit Repellent
Robert Hamilton (South Carolina)

Nature’s Mace is the first product I’ve found that really works for more than a few days.

I've got flowers!

For the very first time, I have Hostas, not Hosta sticks, Daylilies, not Daylily sticks! With the Natures Mace team of granular and spray, I have been able to deter the deer from Lynette's Backyard Buffet! Especially treating 18" away from the beds did a lot. I have recommended these products to ALL my gardening buddies.

Nature's Mace Granular Deer & Rabbit Repellent

The deer and rabbit granular repellent seems to work well so far. We have had deer interested in some plants after the product has been on the ground for awhile.
We do like the granular aspect of the repellent and it does seem to work better than other products we have tried.

It Works

I've been using castor oil to repel voles at my home for 2 years now. I first used the dry material but have switched to the liquid mixing it with dish detergent and spraying. It does seem to work. Using the liquid is cheaper. Doesn't kill the voles but does seem to keep them away. Unfortunately, it requires regular application. I spray about every 3 months.

Excellent product for repelling deer.

Rabbit MACE Granular Rabbit Repellent
Steve Snyder (Minnesota)
Natures Mace Really Works!

I tried Natures Mace for rabbits (somewhat skeptically) for the first time, 3 years ago. To my delight, I found that it seemed to work. So each year since I have applied the product to our sensitive plants (flowers and vegetable garden), and have never had a failure. Proof enough for me!

Rabbit MACE Granular Rabbit Repellent
Richard Longmire (Massachusetts)
I Love The Bunnies...But Not in my Garden!

We have so many bunnies in my yard that we almost trip over them. I love to see them and my grand kids love to see them. The one place I can't tolerate seeing them is in my garden. I have used Rabbit MACE Granular Rabbit Repellent for 3 years and they never go near my garden. I buy it in the big 30 pond bag and spread it around. I love Rabbit MACE Granular Rabbit Repellent and I very highly recommend it if you have rabbit problems. When I order it, it comes in just a few days and it is ready to use. A Great Product and a Great Company!

Thank you for being a loyal customer Richard! We appreciate you! <3

Rodent MACE Granular Rodent Repellent
M Elizabeth Wolin (New York)
Has not been down long..but hopeful😁🐭🐭

Have filled mesh bags with the mixture and have them in areas where mice are known to run. Will also be scattering it under the mobile home. Too soon to tell, but may be back for more.

Snake MACE Granular Snake Repellent
Elaine Bennett (Virginia)
Snake Mace

Works real good.

Rabbit MACE Granular Rabbit Repellent
Cynthia Sheakley (Ohio)
Keeps bunnies away

I have had an invasion of rabbits over the last 3 years. Other deer and rabbit repellants did not keep them out of my Hosta perennial bed. They ravaged it. I found RABBIT MACE AND IT WORKS IF YOU ARE DILIGENT ABOUT APPLYING IT. I STILL HAVE TO USE DEER REPELLANT SPRAY ON HOSTA LEAVES.

Goodbye Moles

I have used Caster Oil for a few years. Moles gone with no effect on shrubs or grass. I spray 25k sq. ft.