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Nature's MACE Reviews

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Highly recommend…Works great!

Cat MACE Granular Cat Repellent and Training Tool
Verna Fisher Dudley (California)
Great product poor delivery.

We are very familiar with Cat, repellent. Wondrously repelled cats. However, the follow through as to delivery was awful. Had I not took pics of the order, confirmed payment and statement of deduction, I was told there was no order. Humm... 3 weeks later they finally sent product

Good Morning Verna,
So sorry to hear that you had this experience. I was out of office for a week with a family emergency but we did confirm your order was fulfilled, and shipped in the appropriate time frame. We thank you for being a customer and look forward to working with you again.

No Show yet

I have yet to receive the item I ordered yet. It has been a few weeks by now.

As we discussed over the phone, you placed two orders by mistake and we cancelled them. You then stated you were going to replace the order online. Your original orders have been fully refunded.
Thank you!


Thank you. Cats are Adios..!

Not used yet

Not used yet...still winter.

Mole deterrent

Great product to help move moles/voles out of your yard.

Don't get mad, get Dog Mace

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first but now I'm sold! The Doggie Mace works wonders. I sprinkled a bit here and there and watched as the fur babies sniffed and walked away. Yesss, finally a product that lives up. to its rating!! Try it, you won't be disappointed. And make sure to spread the word. 😊

Thank you for your Excellent Review of Dog MACE! We love to hear about happy customers! ❤️

Rabbit Repellent

I will write a review later in the spring. I have only started using it a week ago, so I do not know whether it is effective or not. The plants I want to protect aren't up yet.


This product works very well when you touch up every three to four days and after it rains. Also, when doing this, try to pick certain areas where animals go most and keep these areas touched-up the most. Have to do this until you are taken seriously by animal's master. For me, it has taken one-two months, and I still keep certain areas touched-up but not nearly as much mace when I first started. Thank you

Nature's MACE Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate

Have been using for several years now and it works great. I highly recommend this product. The deer used to eat up my wife’s annuals and on many of our evergreens but no longer when using Natures Mace as directed.


Have not used yet because of rain and snow

Working So Far

I was a little skeptical but when I poured a little of the Mace out in my flower bed I touched and smelled it and thought to myself this should work. Although I see the cats go in my garden on the security cameras, usually 3 or 4 AM, they are not scratching the soil/mulch which makes me think they are not using it as a toilet due to the Mace. They normally dig around in there. I have more flower beds to treat but wanted to test in the big one first as that is the one they like best.

Don’t Buy Cat Mace

This stuff does not work. The cat is laughing when he smell, the keeps going in the area where the Cat Mace is placed.
I used the whole bag a waste of money and this stuff isn’t cheap. This cat doesn’t belong to me it’s a stray, and Cat Mace can not keep it away.

Hi Clarence,
Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear that the Cat MACE Hasn't shown positive results yet. Please keep in mind the Cat MACE is not an instant action product and reapplications are needed in order to deter cats. If the Cat is using the bathroom in your yard, also make sure to clean up and waste so as to not attract the cats to keep returning the area. Thank you!

awesome DOG MACE!

I finally have a nice yard again! I was worried that getting 2 large pit bulls would mean more financial and personal responsibility for me to handle. It was rough there for a while, what with having to feed them, walk them, and replace the sod on the lawn constantly (darn HOA!). I’d always yell at my dogs “why do you crap where you eat?” just to get blank stares, and confused head tilts. Not anymore! Thanks to DOG MACE my dogs now poop in my neighbors yard without me having to beg or berate them! they do it all on their own..almost. thank you DOG MACE!

Thank you for your stellar Review, Shauna. We are glad that Dog MACE has helped trained your dogs and is keeping your yard nice again!

Just started using the Mace so we'll see how it goes.Dave

Cat MACE Granular Cat Repellent and Training Tool

Deer hate Mace

This is my third season using Mace to save my bushes from the deer. They actually started nibbling before the grass was snow covered this year so I was glad the Mace order was delivered so promptly. Mace works well and the deer hate it!

This Stuff Works!

We have an unfortunate problem of feral cats in the neighborhood who like to use our landscaping for a toilet. We used the Cat Mace and they stay away! It really does the job.

Nature's MACE No More Cats Kit
Kathy (Pennsylvania)
Goodbye Cats

Have been using cat mace for the last year. As long as i continue to sprinkle it around the cats do not return. I have forgotten and after several weeks I had a cat return and leave me a deposit. My fault! And am not sure if this is a new visitor or one that had been here before. So now I am more vigilant and spread it every few weeks. Since I have my dog in my yard I am always worried the fecal matter left could make her sick. It is worth the price for peace of mind. Thank you for creating this product.

No intruders so far

The Dog Mace seems to work! Our neighbors' belligerent barking pack has not ventured into our yard since we used it. YAY!

Works well.

It works well and is effective.

Cat Mace Granular Cat Repellent

Getting rid of feral cats is not easy. I have had some good success using this product. I am not easy to please in general, but I do recommend this product based upon the results that I have been able to achieve by using it.

Cat Mace

My 9 year old cat quit using his litter box and started using area rug. Had him checked at the vet and no medical issues. Sprayed Cat Mace on the rug every night for 3 nights. He gradually used carpet less and less and after 3 days back to using his litter box. 5 stars from me and my cat.

Bug Mace

Great stuff. Pleasant odor. Doesn't smell like chemicals.