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Rodent MACE Granular

Treats 440 Sq. Ft.
+ Key Benefits

🐁 Repels Mice, Rats, Squirrels, and Rodents.

🏡 Used by Landscapers to Protect Seeds and Flowers. Stops Mice from Invading Homes. Protects Vehicles from Expensive Rodent Damage.

♻️ No Clean-Up Formula – Biodegradable. Safe to Use around Pets, Children, and Home *when used as directed.

👏 An Economical, Humane, and Natural Solution. With a Fresh Minty Scent Rodents Can’t Stand!

💥 Industrial Grade Strength, Perfect for Commercial Applicators.

+ Where to Use

You can safely use Rodent MACE in and on basements, foundations, garages, cabinets, closets, decks, sheds, barns, attics, crawlspaces, patios, patio furniture, garbage cans, boathouses, storage facilities, RV campers, campsites, picnic areas, vegetable gardens, flowerpots, flowerbeds, seedlings, and anywhere else rodents are a nuisance.

It is used by farmers and can be applied to tractors and equipment cabins. Rodent MACE can be used to protect wire harnesses and can save you hundreds of dollars in possible damage. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor protection. It works in all seasons! Rodent MACE granular is used to stop squirrels, chipmunks, and other rodents from digging in flowerpots and beds.

Product Details

Rodent MACE granular is effective in repelling mice, rats, squirrels, and other pesky rodents. With a fresh and minty peppermint scent, our rodent repellent makes your home less appealing to persistent rodents. Rodent MACE is easy to apply and guaranteed to stop trailing, nesting, and gnawing rodents in their tracks.

Rodent MACE is used to stop squirrels, chipmunks, and other rodents from digging in flowerpots and beds. Simply sprinkle it over the plants you wish to protect. The rodent deterrent is safe for use in gardening and safe on plants. You can use it with ease and enjoy repellency that lasts weeks on end. This can be used for both indoor and outdoor protection and works in all seasons! It is a commercial-grade product developed for pest control applicators, now available to the public. The mice not only go away, but they also stay away! Rodents' acute sense of smell detects the rodent repellent before they enter an area and naturally avoid it.

We believe in using natural products that will humanely keep your pest away. We know the dangers of using toxic pesticides which is why we promote the use of natural-based products for healthy agriculture, households, and ecosystems. This mouse repellent eliminates the concern for dead animals scattered inside walls and attics. Birds and other mammals eat poisoned mice and sadly get poisoned themselves. This deterrent is made of natural ingredients and is safe to use around family, pets, and wildlife (when used as directed). It eliminates the need for poisons in sensitive areas. This is backed by our Nature’s MACE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Try It Today Risk-Free.


For the first application, apply Rodent MACE Granular heavily and directly to areas rodents may enter, feed, or hide. Seek out entry points, runways, and nests. Apply alongside your home’s foundation and work outwards to keep rodents out. Re-apply weekly, or as the product’s scent fades, to maintain control. Apply monthly as a preventative measure. Re-apply after frequent or heavy rainfall. If you are trying to protect a specific thing, such as a trashcan or entryway, use a perimeter application by creating a 1-3-inch-wide band around the area/thing to be protected.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Ron A.
Natures Mace

1st application has gone well. Critters seem to stay away and leave plants alone.
Will wait for another rain shower and see how it stands up.

Joyce H.
Gets the job done.

Rodents had chewed up the wiring harness in my side by side. After just 1 application I found them dead. Yippie.

Hi Joyce!
We're happy to help with your Rodent problem and want to thank you for choosing our MACE!

Allen R.
Not Sure

We have had great results from the squirrel spray, it works.
It is hard to tell f the Rodent Mace works, we have spread it twice under sunroom, and because it is exposed to the wind that blows through the surrounding "wooden skirt", we were still observing some mice coming out in the evening.

Donna A.
So far it's working!

We haven't seen any mice since we put down the Nature's Mace but it is just the beginning of the winter season so we hope it will continue to keep them out of our crawl space. My husband usually puts down traps but I hate to see their little bodies crushed in them so if we can avoid that, I'm happy!


I recently purchased both Squirrel Mace and Rodent Mace because I wasn't sure what the difference was. I have squirrels that seem to be looking for nuts (that aren't there) in my newly planted raised beds...hundreds of holes, baby plants just tossed to the side. Imagine cute little squirrels with NY street savvy added to the mix and you get an idea of what I'm battling. I sprayed the Squirrel Mace outside the beds and planters which kind of slowed them down a bit, but it wasn't enough to keep them OUT the soil--like they held their little noses and continued the destruction. But the Rodent Mace was the charm, because you can sprinkle it right on the soil in the beds. Not a single one in sight for the past 3 days. This stuff WORKS, and I've tried everything...I was ready to give up trying to have a garden. So happy! (Oh and customer service is TOP NOTCH A+++++)

Beverly S.
Easy to use

I got the granular and the spray. We’ve not had a mouse problem but my landlady was concerned because I have a bird feeder. We live in a townhouse so used the granules around the foundation and base of fence. I used the spray in areas of the patio an basement area that faces the front.
I like that it’s non toxic. It has a strong peppermint smell with a touch of garlic but better than toxic chemicals

We're glad you like our Rodent MACE Beverly! Thank you for choosing Nature's MACE!

Vikki D.
It works.

It works.

jack n.
I had postponed writing a

I had postponed writing a review until I had a feel for the effectiveness of the repellent. Our dog's rat radar has been quiet since we applied the product and I plan to order more to protect the whole perimeter of the house:)