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  • Nature’s MACE is the leading, most reliable, U.S manufacturer of both quality and truly natural animal repellents. Each of our products are created in the United States, and will remain that way. We carry both granular and liquid repellents, while striving to innovate and perfect each and every day.
  • We continuously research and refine our products to discover the very best methods and technology. We stand by, and refuse to provide nothing but the best to the people who mean most to us... our customers. Each season our products evolve through new technologies in being more powerful, efficient, and superior.
  • We are fully confident in our repellents, and stand by our customers in every way possible. We will stand by and work with you until your property is completely free of pests.
  • Nature’s MACE Technology has taken animal repellents to the next level with our revolutionary product line. By combining ingredients from the best of the best, we have brought to you what we believe, is the greatest, most effective, animal repellent line on the market.

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