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September 01, 2020 3 min read

Home remedy treatments for fleas are a popular way homeowners and pet owners fight off the devastating effects of fleas in their homes. Some of these remedies work well to get rid of flea infestations. Which may be one of the reasons why pet owners are now ditching the commercial products and sticking with homemade remedies. One of such home remedies in vogue is the use of white vinegar, which is becoming popular amongst pet owners. Does white vinegar kill fleas?

Vinegar, in all of its forms, is a well-known killer of fleas. Although this method will require repetition and must be used alongside vacuuming. Though it works, you would have to be patient and not expect overnight success. That goes to say that the popular saying that “vinegar is all you need” to eradicate your fleas may leave you thoroughly disappointed. Your flea problem may just be over soon if you can patiently and consistently apply this remedy.

Using White Vinegar To Get Rid Of Fleas

White Vinegar-based flea solutions are quite rampant today. Commercial manufacturers of flea products are now keying into the potency of this product to manufacture insect killers, repellents, sprays and so on.

White Vinegar Sprays

You can turn your white vinegar into a type of spray and use around the home. Simply dilute some amount of vinegar with water and spray around the house. Start with areas you suspect to be infested with fleas such as your pet’s sleeping areas, bedding, upholstery, carpets and rugs. Though this mixture will not kill the fleas directly, it repels them, enough for your home to be rid of these pesky pests.

One good property of the white vinegar is its ability to evaporate very quickly, so there is no residual smell hovering around your home when you’re done with the application.

Bathe Your Pets with White Vinegar

You can bathe your pets with a white vinegar mixture. When you do this, do not rinse. Allow the mixture to air dry on your pet’s body to enhance its effectiveness. Do this regularly and your pets will begin to repel fleas, as these fleas will be out off by the unappealing smell from your pets caused by vinegar.

Washing Clothes and Bedding with Vinegar

Most of us will be turned off by this suggestion. But it works and it is not as bad as you may think. You are advised to pour about two to three cups of vinegar into your washing machine when the water has been drawn to it. Dip your clothing items into the machine and soak for a few hours. After this, wash as regular and dry at the highest temperature allowed by the manufacturer. If you are concerned about the odour that may exude from your clothes, then your fears are unfounded as there won’t be any trace of it on your clothes and bedding. This same approach can be applied to your pet’s bedding.

White Vinegar for Drinks

This is usually recommended by health enthusiast as the effect is outstanding. It is usually preferred because it cleanses your pet from the inside out. Regularly add white vinegar to your pet’s drinking water. You can add a teaspoon of white vinegar to a quart of water so that your pet is not turned off by the taste. It is also necessary you dilute properly as you may not want to cause gastrointestinal problems for your pet.

So, does white vinegar kill fleas? Succinctly put, it does. But this will have to be a gradual process. Don’t expect instant results.