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Nature's MACE Heavy Duty Deer Deterrent Kit

25lb. Granular Bag + 1 Gallon Concentrate
+ Key Benefits

🦌 Repels and Controls Deer & Rabbit Browsing. Also Works Against Elk and Moose.

🏆 Proven Technology, Backed by University Studies & Research. Repels Through a Unique 3-Pronged Approach. Works in All-Seasons!

🌱 No Stink Formula, with a Fresh Minty Scent Deer Hate! Weather-Resistant and Will Not Easily Wash Off! Long-Lasting Protection through Time-Released Formula.

🔥 Powerful with More Active Ingredient. Prevents Tree Rubbings. Easy to Use, with Ingredients that Promote Plant Growth and Recovery!

🌺 Made from Plant-Based Ingredients - Safe on Plants. Safe to use around Children, Pets, and Vegetation *when used as directed.

+ Where to Use

It protects against deer and rabbit damage to apple trees, pear trees, lilies, vines, seedlings, flowers, gardens, landscapes, bushes, shrubs, beds, ornamentals, azaleas, hostas, arborvitae, evergreens, perennials, annuals, roses, tulips, hemlocks, crops, and almost all types of vegetation. It is safe for use in gardening and may be applied directly to plants.

Product Details

Deer and Rabbit MACE granular is best used for lower-level ground vegetation, i.e., flowers, crops, bushes, seedlings, ornamental plants, shrubs, garden beds, and plants under 2 feet tall. It is safe for use in gardening and can be applied directly to plants. This works perfectly for perimeter applications to protect desired areas. Our granular deer deterrents are activated by the soil, so they retain their effectiveness as they decompose. Deer and Rabbit MACE is made with natural ingredients and is safe to use around family, pets, and plants (when used as directed).

Through university studies, we identified which ingredients worked best at repelling deer and rabbits. We then included more of those key ingredients into one formula to make, what we believe to be, the strongest deer and rabbit repellent on the market. We include more of what really works. Deer and rabbits naturally avoid our unique fear, scent, and taste-based technology, so the effectiveness always works by triggering their instinctive flight response. Our time-released deer repellents provide long-lasting and year-round plant protection! They are trusted by professional growers, farmers, nurseries, landscapers, gardeners, and commercial applicators.

With Deer and Rabbit MACE, there is no need for product rotation. The repellent goes to work fast and is long-lasting. The liquids contain proprietary sticking agents that make it weather resistant. It binds to plants and will not easily wash off. Both our granular and liquid repellents work extremely well in the winter season. They work to prevent deer rubbings, which can severely damage and kill plants. You’ve invested time and money into building the perfect landscape. Cherish it and protect your plants from hungry deer. This is the perfect DIY Deer Repellent Solution. Try it Today Risk-Free with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.


Identify the area to protect or the problem areas caused by deer and rabbit munching (torn leaves, missing flowers, crushed plants, droppings, rubs). For the first application, apply Deer and Rabbit MACE Granular heavily and evenly 18” away from flowerbeds, landscaped ornamentals, gardens, ground cover, and edibles in danger of animal browsing. You can also sprinkle between plants. Apply a 24” (2 foot) wide barrier around plant groups. Re-apply every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain control.

In areas where Deer, Rabbit, Elk, and Moose feeding or browsing is heavier and more intense, additional and/or more liberal applications may be required, increase barrier to 30” wide. This will eventually train animals to avoid and stay clear of your garden and landscaped areas. Directions for Larger Areas: Apply Deer and Rabbit MACE Granular in a 24” wide protective strip/barrier around protective zone. Then, apply a 15” wide strip inside the protective zone every 15 Feet.

For the concentrates, this product requires mixing with water in a lawn or garden application sprayer. See the back label for mixing ratios. Spray directly to leaves, stems, flowers, and branches from all angles. Also, apply alongside the plant’s perimeter. Apply until the plant drips and the leaves are wet. Repeat spraying in 7 days. Thereafter, spray once per month.

Apply to DRY plant foliage, and not during peak sun hours. Avoid spraying when plants are wet with dew. Allow at least 1 hour for the product to dry before watering. Do not apply before or after heavy rain. Applications will hold up through light to moderate rain. Re-apply after heavy rainfall. To prevent deer rubbings, spray directly to the base of plants and tree trunks. If you live in a heavily deer-populated area you may need to apply more frequently. We recommend testing a small area on the plant before applying it on a large scale, as some plant types are sensitive.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lynette DePlato (New York)
I've got flowers!

For the very first time, I have Hostas, not Hosta sticks, Daylilies, not Daylily sticks! With the Natures Mace team of granular and spray, I have been able to deter the deer from Lynette's Backyard Buffet! Especially treating 18" away from the beds did a lot. I have recommended these products to ALL my gardening buddies.

Jo B.
Excellent product

The deer had almost destroyed my lilies, hostas and vegetable gardens. Since using this product I can happily say I've not lost one plant. I'm very thankful for your great product.

And we are thankful for your business and wonderful review!

Cheryl D.

Bought as a gift for my brother to help him control rabbits from destroying his shrubs and other plantings.

RC (New Jersey)
Seems to help in heavy deer population

Although a bit painful to have to reapply frequently(and a bit pricey), combo of spray and granular deterrent seem to be moderately successful in repelling deer.