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Granular or Liquid Dog Repellent

Granular vs. Liquid Dog MACE

Dog MACE is manufactured in a liquid or granular formula. This repellent is a powerful commercial grade dog repellent designed to fit the needs of homeowner, professional exterminator or commercial property managers. Unlike other repellents, Dog MACE does not use harsh chemicals and poisons, Dog MACE™ powerful ingredients works on scent, creating an unpleasant zone irritating to dogs but pleasant to humans. Because dogs have a natural aversion to this scent, the effects of the product will never diminish.

Granular or liquid? Dog MACE application should be determined based on the level of dog infestation. Most homeowners and commercial property managers have determined, using both granular and liquid formulas will provide maximum protection possible.

Granular:Our Dog MACE granular formulas is the most popular of the two formulas and perfect for broad and perimeters applications. Best used along the perimeter of sidewalks, gardens, landscapes. Granular repellents usually remaining active when the product is visible. As the product diminishes, reapplication will be required to maintain repellency. Shop Now!

Liquid: Dog MACE liquid formula is recommended for large areas. Can easily be applied to larger parking lots or playground areas where dog damage has occurred. Whether you are treating a yard or commercial building, this easy-to-use formula will provide blanket protection to treated areas. Liquid formulas are available in 32oz, and I gallon concentrate or Ready-to-Use spray bottles. Liquid formula is environmentally safe, all-natural and may be applied to any area where dogs are problematic. Our Ready-to-Use spray nozzles, sprays up to 18’ feet for easy application of hard to get to areas. Shop Now!