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Product FAQ


Application rate may vary depending upon season, infestation and feeding pressure. (1) 40oz Ready-To-Use will treat 1400 sq. ft. Typical application rate of 8oz. of concentrate will make (1) gallon of Ready-to-Use formula. One gallon of Ready-to-Use will treat approximately 5,600 sq. ft. One gallon of concentrate = 87,120 sq. ft. approximately 2 acres of coverage. Shop Now!

Direct Coverage: One gallon of concentrate = 1,000 – 1,600 plantings. One gallon of ready-to-use solution = 80 – 100 plantings, depending on plant size. Shop Now!

Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Connecticut, Auburn, and several others prove that the ingredients in our formula work best at repelling unwanted deer and rabbits. Repellent formulas containing putrescent egg were proven to be most effective. Nature’s MACE Deer and Rabbit repellents contain more putrescent egg than other leading deer repellents on the market. Shop Now!

Through years of research and development, plus confirmation from countless satisfied customers, we believe Nature’s MACE is the leader in animal repellent technology. By digging through hundreds of scholarly journals we identified which ingredients worked best for repelling deer and rabbit. We then included exceptionally more of those key ingredients into one formula to make the ultimate deer and rabbit deterrent.

Our powerful deer repellent incorporates a fear, scent and taste based technology. This 3-prong approach delivers more protection than other competing repellents. It is a unique and powerful deer deterring formula. Deer and Rabbit MACE contains more active ingredient compared to the other leading brands. Shop Now!

Granular: Dried Blood, Putrescent Whole Egg Solid, Garlic Oil, Peppermint Oil

Liquid: Putrescent Whole Egg Solids, Garlic, White Pepper, Peppermint Oil, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Potassium Sorbate

Surprisingly NO! Unlike many deer repellents on the market, Deer and Rabbit MACE has a fresh and minty scent. This minty scent is a vital part of our 3-prong repellent technology. Pleasant to humans but offensive to deer and rabbits. Also, the first wave of repellency. Shop Now!


Granular: Cinnamon Oil, Dried Blood, Citronella Oil, Castor Oil, Garlic Oil, White Pepper

Liquid: Cinnamon Oil, Castor Oil, Peppermint Oil, Lemongrass, Garlic Oil, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Potassium Sorbate

Cat MACE application is determined by environment, weather condition and cat saturation. Re-apply as needed until cats are trained to stay clear of protected areas. Re-apply once per week for maintenance. Shop Now!

NO. Our products are made of plant-based ingredients and will not harm pets, plants or wildlife (when used as directed). Nature's MACE is safe for cats.

Yes. Cat MACE is a year-round product, works in winter, fall, spring and summer conditions. It works indoors and outdoors. Shop Now!


Generally, Yes. Our products are made of plant-based ingredients and will not harm pets, plants or wildlife (when used as directed). If a large amount of the granular product is consumed, it may cause stomach upset. In which case, please take the dog to a veterinarian.

Granular: Peppermint Oil, Citronella Oil, Garlic Oil, Cinnamon, White Pepper

Liquid: Garlic Oil, Castor Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Mole and Vole MACE

Adjust your spreader to 65% open. We have listed the most common spreader settings below. You can also add dirt or sand to product to help with spreading.

  • Scott Speedy Green Spreader 18
  • Scott Easy Green Spreader 36
  • Quaker Broadcast Spreader 18
  • Earthway Broadcast Spreader 29
  • Red Devil Broadcast Spreader 20
  • EZ Broadcast Republic 19
  • Lesco 22

Mole & Vole MACE should be applied in the spring and fall, as a preventive measure, keeping moles, voles, and other pests from making your lawn or garden their home. Repel Moles Now!

The pure castor oil is best for covering larger amounts of area. Depending on the level of mole or vole infestation, will determine the required application. Most customers and professionals have discovered that using both granular and liquid formulas will provide the maximum protection possible. Shop Mole Repellents!

Granular: Castor Oil, Garlic, Citronella Oil, Thyme Oil, Other Ingredients: Peanut Hull

Liquid: 100% Castor Oil

Nature’s MACE products typically go to work immediately upon application and continue to provide protection for 3-4 weeks. An accumulative effect will occur with regular applications and our customers indicate that it can last sometimes for up to 60-90 days. Mole and Vole MACE drives moles out and prevents their return! Manufactured with time-released ingredients, Nature’s MACE repellents maximize the powerful effect of every product! Shop Mole Repellents

Snake MACE

Cedarwood Oil, Clove Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Rosemary Oil

Snake MACE works on mostly all types of snakes. It works on Garter, Black, Water, Queen, Ribbon, Copperhead, and Cottonmouth snakes. If you are dealing with poisonous snakes, call a pest control expert. It also works on Iguanas and small reptiles, such as geckos and lizards.

Snake MACE snake repellent is a unique and highly potent combination of ingredients that irritate and confuse the snake's
chemosensory systems or “sense of taste and smell”. Our formula repels by disrupting the snake's Jacobson Gland, irritating the reptile, causing it to turn back and seek a more pleasant environment. When these sensitive senses are confused, snakes are unable to gather information about its surrounding environment; forcing it to flee the area and look elsewhere to survive. Shop Snake MACE

NO! Snake MACE has a fresh cedar-wood scent. This fresh scent is a vital part of our repellent technology. Pleasant to humans but offensive to snakes. Shop Now!

Rodent MACE

Yes, Rodent MACE can be effectively used inside or outside. Rodent MACE is a year-round product, works in winter, spring, summer, fall and all weather conditions. It works to keep rodents out! Shop Now!

Granular: Peppermint Oil, Spearmint Oil, Garlic, Putrescent Whole Egg Solid, White Pepper

Liquid: Peppermint Oil, Spearmint Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Garlic, Sodium lauryl sulfate

NO! Rodent MACE has a fresh minty scent. This fresh mint scent is a vital part of our repellent technology. Pleasant to humans but offensive to mice, rats and all other rodents. It can be used anywhere rodents are found! Shop Now!

Skeeter MACE

No, our Skeeter MACE does not contain harsh chemicals or poisons! It uses the power of plants! It is safe for use, when used as directed. It is perfect for use in sensitive areas, and on all types of vegetation. It also does not harm beneficial insects such as bees or butterflies. Perfect for families and outdoor gatherings! Stop Bugs Here

Skeeter MACE is made of natural botanical oils that smell pleasant and compliment any outdoor area! People love the smell, and it can work as a deodorizer. It is perfect when used before parties or on patios. Shop Here

Squirrel MACE

Nature’s MACE Squirrel MACE is effective against tree squirrels. If you are dealing with ground squirrels which tend to burrow our Rodent MACE would be the best option! Rodent MACE is a better alternative in the granular form if you are looking to prevent squirrels and rodents from digging in flower beds, or flowerpots. It is more effective than our liquid Squirrel MACE in those circumstances.

Yes! Squirrel MACE can be used to help with vehicle protection! Prior to applying our product check engine compartments and remove any nesting’s. Use an air compressor to remove any food or clutter. If you see any signs of rodents, thoroughly wash the area with soap and water to prevent them from returning.

For vehicle protection, including but not limited to, cars, trucks, tractors, boats, motor homes, etc. spray onto engine compartments, wheel wells, wirings, and anywhere else within reach. Spray around the outside of the vehicle to establish a perimeter protection as well. We do not recommend spraying directly on paint to prevent any damage to vehicles due to incompatibility with our product.

Yes! Squirrel MACE (when used as directed) will not harm pets, your family, or wildlife including the squirrel! Our Squirrel MACE is made from natural ingredients and contain no chemicals or poisons! Shop Here!

Rabbit MACE

Our Rabbit MACE helps to repel unwanted rabbits from landscapes, gardens, and crops. Our repellents use more of the most effective active ingredients helping it work longer and stronger! We use a 3-prong approach triggering the rabbits naturally instinctive flight response by targeting the rabbits fear, scent, and taste. Shop Rabbit Repellents

Bed Bug Killer

Yes. Nature’s MACE Bed Bug Killer technology was formulated for both professional bed bug exterminators and the average household use. This commercial-grade formula works as well as, and sometimes better than those with a chemical base. Our secret is better technology with more active ingredients used; meaning that more of the product is working towards killing bugs and not used as filler or inert. You can use it in hotels, motels, apartment complexes, and other commercial buildings. Shop Here!

Bed Bug Killer works immediately on contact. Shop Now!

Bed Bug Killer 32oz Ready-to-Use spray bottle will treat 300 sq.ft. or 1 room.

Bed Bug Killer 1 Gallon Ready-to-Use spray bottle will treat 1000 sq.ft. or 3 rooms.

Shop Here!

Yes, Nature's MACE Bed Bug Killer does prevent infestations. The formula has a prolonged lasting effect against bed bugs. Shop Bed Bug Solutions.

Ingredients: Geraniol, Cedarwood Oil, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Water, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid.

NO, Nature's MACE Bed Bug Killer is safe and does not contain harsh chemicals or poisons. Shop Now!

Natural bed bug killer