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Snake Funnel


Did you know that snakes are found on every continent of the world except Antarctica? Snakes are secretive animals and are good at hiding.They hide in trees, burrow in odd end places, and can even find their way into your house.

Snakes live and breed amongst us, doing what’s necessary to survive. And despite your best interests, they may just choose their habitat in your lawn or garden.

Having a snake issue can be like a real-life nightmare. You see them when you least expect it, slithering around in the summer months when you’re trying to relax. On the bright side, a small majority of the snakes out there are poisonous, while most are non-poisonous.

Either way, you don’t want to risk putting you or your family in harm’s way.

Which leads us to the main question of how to repel snakes, once and for all.

Would you like to finally end your snake issue and be at ease? Let us show you how…


Yes, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars and you don’t have to call some snake removal service. We provide a completely all-natural granular snake repellent called Snake MACE that prevents snake roaming, foraging, and entry. The stuff works and it’s easy to use. You can use it in a matter of minutes, sprinkling it around snake problem areas.

And let me be completely honest with you, our product may not be for everyone.

There are different ways to get snakes out of your area. You can physically remove them, try home remedies, put up a snake fence, or use the good ol’ metal shovel to kill them.

*Note* This product is not recommended for solving poisonous snake issues. Although it may aid in repelling poisonous snakes, we advise you to contact a professional wildlife control service.

And even if you decide to try our repellents or not, you still want to maintain your area and keep it tidy. Remove debris, remove rock and woodpiles, cut back tall grass and dense brush, fill holes where snakes may den, and seal in entry points to your house.

Basically, just make your area as unattractive to snakes as possible. These efforts paired with repellents give you the best chances of ending your snake issue.

If you’re not 100% sure Snake MACE is right for you, try asking yourself a few basic questions…

Uncover whether or not our snake repellents can help you…

  • Do you notice shed snake skins on your property?
  • Have you seen a snake on your property before?
  • Do you frequently see snakes around the home?
  • Do you live in an area where snake issues are common?
  • Do you worry about snakes harming your pet, getting into your house, etc.?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you may want to continue reading because you’re in the right spot to fix this snake issue of yours. Our repellents work in solving any snake issue, both large and small! It instantly goes to work, fixing the issue before it gets any worse.

Snake MACE repels by disrupting snakes’ sensitive Jacobson Gland. This gland allows the snake to literally taste and smell the air. Our repellent irritates this gland, causing a snake to turn back and seek a more pleasant environment.

When you apply Snake MACE it creates a protective zone unpleasant to snakes keen senses.

Because of snake’s natural aversion to Snake MACE ingredients, product effectiveness will never diminish. Snake MACE DOES NOT require rotation with other repellents to be effective.

Homeowners, gardeners, professional landscapers and commercial property managers use Snake MACE and have discovered that it not only stops snakes, it prevents them from returning.

Good to know Snake Behaviors

– Although snakes are not territorial, they do develop a “home range” where they know where to find food, water, and shelter.

– Snakes have an acute sense of taste and smell, using their tongue as we use our noses.

– Snakes are most active in the warmer months of the year, such as spring and summer. They’re more active because their food source is more abundant.

– Snakes are carnivorous, meaning they eat meat as their main food source. If you have a large rodent population on your property consider controlling rodents like insects, moles, voles, rabbits, chipmunks, mice, and such, to limit the snake’s main food supply. Snakes will leave to find food elsewhere.

– Most snakes are not aggressive and only bite when they feel threatened

Effective Against Snakes? Safe for Plants and People?

Yes, Snake MACE is a safe and powerful solution for protecting homes, yards, gardens, flower beds, landscapes, crawl spaces, campsites, storage areas, barns, pool areas, playgrounds, golf courses, ponds, lakes, commercial warehouses, and anywhere else snakes appear.

Since our formula is made up of all-natural ingredients, it’s used by the likes of both organic gardeners and commercial applicators. Thousands of people have tried Snake MACE and have been successful in eradicating their pesky, unwanted snakes. Snake MACE is used heavily in commercial applications.

EFFECTIVENESS:In order to create a superior snake repellent that stood out in the marketplace we had to do some research. We first analyzed the best performing snake repellents on the market. Then, after doing our own research, we isolated the most effective snake repelling ingredients into one powerful product. We then added more active ingredients to make it stronger and longer-lasting.

Our snake repellents also have Limestone in them which lowers the acidity in your soil.

A lower soil acidity level helps plants take up nutrients and grow! Now you can successfully repel snakes and help your soil out in the process.

When used as directed, Nature’s MACE products are pet, animal, and child friendly. They are highly effective, safe for the environment, and really work at repelling snakes.


1.Long-Lasting and Weather-Resistant

Our Snake MACE granular repellent works immediately upon the first application and continues to repel for sometimes months on end. Our formula includes time-released ingredients that work by seeping into the ground for prolonged periods of time. We ensure a more effective and longer-lasting product compared to other brands. Our repellents not only repel, but they also train snakes to stay away from your area. Thousands of homeowners and commercial landscapers trust Snake MACE because of its long-lasting control.

2. Safe and Natural:

Snake MACE is a fully natural and humane way to end snake issues. It does not harm snakes, it just confuses their sensory system. We don’t use harmful chemicals like naphthalene, which is found in other granular snake repellents.

Naphthalene has been listed by the EPA as a possible human carcinogen and has been shown to cause liver damage and other health issues. Repelling snakes is one thing, but you shouldn’t put your family’s health at risk in the process.

3. Economical

Snake MACE is a professional grade solution that can be used for both residential and commercial use. It’s an economical solution in that just a single application can last up to 4 months! It’s a fraction of the cost compared to having a wildlife removal company come to physically extract snakes. It’s easy to apply, safe to use, and works in all seasons.

What people are saying about Snake MACE. Does it work?

  • “I used snake mace to keep garden snakes out of the crevices in our walkways. They like to bask in the sun on the concrete slabs during those hot months. There was a lot last year, but I stopped them for the entire summer with one application. This is the best repellent I could find, it worked great”.

  • “I live in snake country. I constantly see cotton heads, corals, rattlesnakes, bull snakes. If you can name it, it most likely lives here. I’ve tried everything in the books, but nothing works like this. Snake mace keeps them away and I haven’t seen nearly as many. I ordered last year, and I’ll be ordering again this year.”

  • “I was beyond upset when my dog came inside with a bloody bite mark on his face. I knew something had to be done at that point. I was furious, and my dog was hurting! I tried this product and cleaned up the areas where the snakes hide, and the problem seems to be solved. I haven’t had a snake issue in a month or so. I’m happy and so is my dog (he recovered just fine; the snake wasn’t venomous)”.

  • “Our family has seen 5 ribbon garter snakes this spring alone! I hate snakes and they absolutely freak me out! I’m also an avid gardener so you can see my concern. I read online and saw great review for Nature’s MACE. I got the product fast, used it, and haven’t seen another snake. Love my garden and would definitely recommend this product”.

  • “A happy wife is a happy life. This stuff is number one in my book! I told my neighbors and all my family as well about this. My wife love’s not seeing snakes around the house and we’re finally at peace. We live near a river in North Carolina and have had problems with snakes since we moved in. Now there’s no more random screams from seeing one in the yard”.

  • “I followed the directions and sprinkled Nature’s MACE around my property. It was easy and took about 10 minutes. I have had ZERO snake sightings since that first application 2 weeks ago! I’m glad it stopped them; I’m having a wedding party this weekend was getting worried. My mom hates snakes so much I thought I’d have to cancel! I’m supposed to reapply in about a week, so I’ll see if I notice any.”

  • “Been using this stuff for a couple years now and its fantastic. I use the pale and apply it around the perimeter of my yard, around the areas where our two tiny terriers go. It arrived at my doorstep right on time and was well packaged. Good customer service like before.”

  • “My daughter just bought a new home with her fiancé and they couldn’t even move in because of snakes. He killed a few early on but we knew there was more. I came over and applied this stuff around the house and they haven’t complained since”.

  • “I love this stuff because it actually works. Really well. I didn’t see ANY snakes after spreading the product. Be careful when you use it, it can burn your skin if its windy and gets near your face. I recommend wearing gloves/mask. Snake Mace keeps the snakes away for 1-2 months depending on how much you use and how heavy the rainfall is. I live in Florida and every year without fail we see a mating party of about 15-20 snakes. Not this year!”

  • “Problem solved. There have been NO snakes in our flowerbeds since using Mace repellent. It’s a good price, and unlike other methods, its free to harsh and nasty chemicals. It actually smells pretty dang good. Our flowerbeds never looked better, and I feel like I don’t have to stress it anymore”.

  • I think I may have one of the worst snake problems there can be. Besides the snakes on a plane movie. Ha, but really. I live in a rocky area down south and they love my backyard! I constantly see them moving under my shed and crawling into my stone wall. I called in because I have so many snakes and I didn’t know what to do! There had to be around 20-30 it was ridiculous. They sent me a pale of this snake mace stuff and it’s doing the trick. This month I saw a grand total of about 3 snakes.

  • “My son just purchased a piece of land in Texas, he’s seen at least one copperhead a day without fail. Being in the country he sees all sorts of wildlife, like deer, crazy insects, armadillo, and such. Since using Snake Mace, he hasn’t seen one snake. Good Stuff, Try It For Sure!”

  • “Straightforward and easy to use, I like it… Snakes could be seen packing their bags and heading out for the season. I’ve been seeing at least one or two a day out here in Virginia. Not anymore. We just got rained on last night so waiting to see if it still works.”

  • “I used a bunch of this repellent around my buildings. I’m satisfied with how it works. I live in the farmlands with a bunch of trees pretty much everywhere. I use this product yearly as part of my preventative steps to keep snakes away from the house. (By the way, I despise snakes with a burning passion. Just the thought of them gives me chills… dead or alive. poisonous or not… I hate them). I’m writing this as more of a seller review than a customer review. I appreciate the professionalism of this company and its good customer service. I actually enjoyed talking with customer service for a change. I highly recommend this seller.”

Reviews like these don’t come from having a product that doesn’t work as it should. Here at Nature’s MACE, we are proud of the snake repellents we make and continue to perfect them each year. We’re a stand-up company, made in the United States, that does the best job it can to make natural repellents that work.

Snake MACE does not have a foul or unpleasant odor when applied. A lot of customers actually enjoy the smell of Snake MACE. The smell is pleasant to humans, yet repulsive to snakes keen senses.


  • Successfully Repels and Eliminates Snake Foraging and Entry
  • Begins Working upon the First Application
  • Long-Lasting Formula – Can work up to 4 Months or More!
  • Bio-Degradable, Dustless, & Made of Fully Natural Ingredients
  • Pet, Plant, and Child Friendly! *When used as directed
  • Repels in All Seasons for Year-Round Snake Protection
  • Eliminates the Need for Poisons in Sensitive Areas
  • Helps Fertilize the soil through the use of Limestone
  • Easy, Ready-To-Use, Granular Formula = No Mess or Hassle
  • With More Active Ingredient for Industrial Grade Strength

Order Snake MACE

But don’t take our word for it. Each month we get reviews from all across the United States, praising our product and customer support team. You can read some more of their reviews below…

Here are some more customer reviews

  • I haven’t seen a snake since I put it down. Been about 2 months. A+ product that does its job! No complaints. – Terry, B
  • The snakes for sure don’t like this. I found 3 huge rat snakes living in my garden. This stopped them in their tracks. I haven’t seen any since and that was a week ago.– Deborah, D
  • “I’ve read mixed reviews about snake repellents in general, but this proved me wrong. Finally, something that works!” – Aline, F
  • “Worked great, I’ll be ordering more, thanks”. – Bianca, R.
  • “Excellent customer service! You responded right back to my phone call. You’re friendly and really know what you’re talking about in regard to getting rid of snakes. Thank you!”. – Corine. N
  • “Happy to say I haven’t seen any snakes since I put it around the house and flower gardens.” – Lynna, A
  • “Used the product and saw one black snake after. It wasn’t near where I used the product, so I think it worked!” – Burt. W
  • “It did exactly what it was supposed to. Keeps the snakes away! Garter snakes loved this one area on my lawn. After using this, I never saw them again.” – Tiffany, W

Each year we hear stories on the news of innocent people getting bit by snakes. Over 1,000 kids each year suffer from snake bites in the United States alone! Sometimes even in their own homes. We hear neighbors warning us of a snake in the neighborhood and we rightfully panic.

Now, imagine not having to worry about snake issues as much. By making your property unappealing to snakes, and by using Snake MACE repellents, you can feel confident letting your pet outside. Erase that worry of snakes slithering inside or outside your home. Be more at peace as you and your family enjoy the outdoors while being protected.

If you’re not already, now is the time to start using Snake MACE™ a proven snake repellent for your all-season protection. We guarantee safe products, that are both eco-friendly and superior. Snake MACE is biodegradable, safe, and incredibly easy to use.

Our snake repellents were developed as a more powerful solution amongst some of the more ineffective products currently on the market. We include more active ingredients, with some 2X more than that of other brands. We really want our products to work well for you!

Do you have a snake problem? If so, try our guaranteed solution. ACT NOW!

There’s No Risk

Our snake repellents are 100% Money Back Guaranteed. We are so confident in our product’s effectiveness that we proudly stand behind our entire product line with our Nature’s MACE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have any issues or complaints whatsoever, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Trusted by many we pride ourselves in high repeat sales and customer loyalty. In you have any questions or product concerns please call toll free at 800-760-0544. Our goal is to help and work with you until your pest issues are fully resolved.

Nature’s MACE was created as a father-son partnership, driven by a desire to help the environment and make an impact through natural products that actually work. We are veteran-owned, and family operated, in our home state of Pennsylvania, with over 30 years of experience. Each day we strive to develop and perfect the best possible products for the people who mean most to us, our customers.

Why risk unnecessary animal damage, when you can be protected in all seasons? Secure your property and protect your garden, before it’s too late. We provide guaranteed protection or your money back. See for yourself and try Nature’s MACE now completely risk-free.