Bed Bug Killer 32oz Ready-To-Use Spray X2

  • Kills Chemical-Resistant Bed Bugs and Their Eggs
  • Eliminates the Need for Harsh Chemicals in Sensitive Areas
  • Formula Backed by Proven Technology and Years of Research
  • Used both in Commercial and Residential Applications
  • Biodegradable Formula with Soft and Pleasant Odor
  • Kills on Contact with 100% Efficacy Rate
  • Prevents Future Outbreaks with Lasting Residual Control
  • Safe for Use on Home Furnishings and Will Not Stain*
  • Safe for Use Around Pets, Children, and Home *when used as directed
  • Kills in Each Life Cycle Stage (Eggs, Nymphs, and Adults)  



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100% Money Back Guarantee

Product Description

Nature’s MACE Bed Bug Killer is an easy, do-it-yourself option that can save you hundreds of dollars, eliminating the need for professional extermination services. Say goodbye to the expensive foggers, heat treatments, poisons, and harmful chemical-based pesticides. This is a safe and highly effective alternative to frequently expensive and toxic bed bug treatment methods.

This is a commercial-grade, proprietary blend, that is also safe for use in sensitive areas. It’s a plant-based formula, you can use around your family, pets, and children. *when used as directed

It’s an economical solution for low, moderate, and even severe bed bug infestations. Its advanced formula kills bed bugs and other household insects including lice, fleas, and dust mites. Most importantly, it successfully kills in each life cycle stage, eliminating eggs, nymphs, and adult bed bugs, on contact!

Our proven, laboratory-tested formula also provides for residual protection and control. The truth is, most natural bed bug products are not powerful and only work on contact for a short amount of time. With our product, after it dries it continues to work as a residual killer. Now you can stay protected for prolonged periods of time after the initial application. You may not even have to reapply depending on the severity of the infestation!

Our formula was created through more than five years of extensive research and laboratory testing. We use technology that really works and include more active ingredient in our products.

If you have an unusual or relentless bed bug issue you may need to hire an exterminator or use our product in conjunction with steamers, which is often recommended.

We proudly stand behind our products and back our bed bug killers with our Nature’s MACE 100% Money Back Guarantee. Try today completely risk-free!

Large and small issues

Nature’s MACE Bed Bug Killer technology was formulated for both professional bed bug exterminators and the average household use. This commercial-grade formula works as well as, and sometimes even better than those with a chemical base. Our secret is better technology with more active ingredient used; meaning that more of the product is working towards killing bugs and not used as filler or inert.

Bed bugs are becoming increasingly resistant to chemical-based insecticides, (e.g., pyrethroids). Bugs sprayed with our killer cannot form such resistance as our tough formula breaks down their exoskeleton and immediately attacks their neurotransmitters.


Nature’s MACE Bed Bug Killer can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications and can be used with confidence on almost any surface or location. You can safely use this spray on bed sheets, mattresses, box springs, baseboards, window frames, pet bedding, wood, tile, carpeting, suitcases, and plenty more.

When used appropriately, this product is safe for use on home furnishings. It will not stain or leave some noticeable residue or film. To ensure surface compatibility, always test a small area before full application. Use accordingly with the directions.

Its plant-based formula is non-toxic, safe, and offers child, pet, and furniture-friendly protection. *When used as directed. The spray gives off a clean and pleasant odor when applied, killing bed bugs while freshening up the room!

Directions for Use

For best results, shake well before using- Spray directly onto bed bug-infested area until wet but not soaking. To ensure surface compatibility, always test a small area before full application. Product may decolorize or damage delicate surfaces or finishes.

Repeat every 7-14 days or as needed for eradication or prevention. Continued treatment may be necessary. Inspect all areas of the room for evidence of bed bugs. Be sure to thoroughly inspect all areas, including carpet, mattress seams, box spring, bedding, wall cracks, appliances, picture frames, behind switch plates, and inside furniture, including dresser drawers and hollow furniture legs. Pay particular attention to cracks, folds, and edges. Thoroughly clean the area. Strip and wash all linens and bedding in hot water. Keep beds away from direct contact with walls. Vacuum up any bed bugs found. Dispose of the vacuum bag immediately off-premises.

FOR TRAVEL: Spray the outside of luggage before departure. Before traveling back, spray both the inside and outside of luggage, let dry, and repack. Be sure to spray all compartments and seams.