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Squirrel MACE Squirrel Repellent - Spray or Concentrate

Ready to Use, Treats 1,400 Sq.Ft
+ Key Benefits

🐿 Repels Squirrels, Chipmunks, and Raccoons. Fast Acting, Easy to Use, and Dries Clear.

🌻 Works as a Repellent and Training Tool. Protects Plants. Works as a Flower Bulb Protection Spray.

🌱 Works to Stop Nesting, Gnawing, Trailing, and Chewing Squirrels.

🌎 Eliminates the need for Poisons and Traps. Humane Repellency, Avoids Lethal Options.

🔥 Powerful, with a Higher Percentage of Active Ingredients. Long Lasting, with Weather-Resistant Sticking Agents.

+ Where to Use

You can safely and effectively use Squirrel MACE in any lawn or garden setting. It can be used on any flowers, flowerbeds, crops, shrubbery, tree bark, feeders, car wiring, outdoor decorative lighting, Christmas lighting, hoses, patio cushions, housing, siding, shingles, trash cans, and anywhere else squirrels are a nuisance. You even apply to outdoor pumpkins during Halloween!

This product is not recommended for indoor use but can be applied in barns and attics. It can also be applied to tractors and equipment cabins. Squirrel MACE can be used to protect wire harnesses and can save you hundreds of dollars in possible damage.

Product Details

Squirrel MACE was designed to prevent squirrels from chewing, climbing, and gnawing on plants, bulbs, foundations, decking, outdoor furniture, flowerpots, and more! It was created to help protect a specific area(s) from squirrel damage. Our approach targets rodents' sense of taste and smell, driving critters away before they become destructive. Squirrel MACE is the ultimate anti-chew squirrel spray. Squirrel MACE is a powerful, humane, and safe way to deter squirrels, chipmunks, and raccoons. It has also been shown to sometimes repel other mammals such as rabbits and skunks. Squirrel MACE incorporates a proprietary sticking agent proven to increase product duration and effectiveness. Our technology ensures adhesion to treated areas, protecting them longer. This technology binds the squirrel repellent to the areas being treated so that it will not easily wash off.

We believe in using natural products that will humanely keep your pest away. We know the dangers of using toxic pesticides which is why we promote the use of natural-based products for healthy agriculture, households, and ecosystems. Squirrel MACE is safe to use around family, pets, and wildlife (when used as directed). Squirrel MACE is made from plant-based ingredients and contains no chemicals or poisons. It is non-toxic, effective, and simple to use. Squirrel MACE is backed by Nature’s MACE 100% Money Back Guarantee. Try it Today Risk-Free!


Shake well before each use. Apply daily for the first 7 days. Squirrel’s habits are difficult to break so initial applications should be frequent and heavy. Spray around and directly on areas squirrels are chewing or frequenting. To break a pattern of habitual behavior, the spray may need to be applied more frequently. As animals' behavior changes, application frequency may be reduced. Re-apply weekly. Repeat applications as necessary or for maintenance. Reapply after heavy rainfall. Squirrel MACE also works as a flower bulb protection spray. Cover the bulbs in a light coating of repellent and let sit for 15 minutes. Let dry and replant.

Before spraying on objects such as outdoor furniture, painted surfaces, or decking, always test a small area for staining acceptability. Do not apply directly on ornamental, soft-bodied plants. Some plants may be too delicate for this spray. Instead, spray the flowerpot or surrounding soil. Avoid heavy spraying of plants and grass. For the concentrates, this product requires mixing with water in a lawn or garden application sprayer. See the back label for mixing ratios.

Customer Reviews

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elizabeth odowd (New Jersey)


Cheryl Miller (New Jersey)
This stuff works!!

I had such an issue with squirrels getting in my bird feeders and scarfing down all the seed. Found this product when I was picking up more Deer Mace at my local garden center. I filled my feeders and hung them in tree with their baffles. Sprayed the branch that supported all 5 feeders plus the tops of the baffles. Did not have a problem with them this past winter. We do have an issue with them getting in our attic I believe we are going to try it up there to see if it works just as well. Thanks for a great product!

Timothy Aines (Illinois)
Works for about 2 hours

Works for about as long as it takes the spray to dry, and the squirrels are right back up there again. This photo was taken after I had saturated the entire pole, and the top of the bird feeder - twice...

Ken Miller (Florida)
Time will tell

I just got the squirrel mace to keep the critters out of my strawberries. I have applied it twice so far and it appears to be working. However, I can't give it 5 stars because the spray bottle broke on the second pull of the handle. It did not even get to spray any product. I had to move the spray into my own spray bottle. I suggest they spend an extra dime and get a decent bottle. I will update or add a review once I see if it keeps the squirrels away.

P.T. (Minnesota)
Christmas Lights Saved

Here in forested MN we have a vibrant squirrel population. It turns out when preparing for winter, the squirrels mistook our Christmas lights for food and chewed through multiple wires. Enter Squirrel Mace!! Since applying a couple of weeks ago (and re-applying once), we have had ZERO issues with squirrels and our lights. We opted for the concentrate to control strength. The mace applies nicely with a spray bottle and clings/freezes to the lights. So far, very satisfied customer!

D.S. (Florida)
Works okay

I have been using squirrel mace for a few years now on my Christmas lights that I put on my oak tree. The squirrels apparently think the lights are nuts and cut the wire to get to them. I have to spray almost every day (even if it does not rain) in order to avoid losing lights so while it "works", it does take constant diligence to be effective.

senior hiker (California)
Squirrel Mace Spray is a terrific product!

The Squirrel Mace Spray works. Applied in on the wall of my apartment patio and pots for 8 days and resprayed after 6 days, and behold the destructive squirrel is no longer (1) digging up my lobelia and other potted plants and (2) entering my ‘garden’ space and knocking over pots. Am impressed so far!!

Linda Dowding (Michigan)
Seed saver

Been using this for years to keep squirrels off bird feeders… Works great! Also chases chipmunks!!!