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July 30, 2019 2 min read

The skin reactions to bites is one way to differentiate between bites from a bed bug and that of a mosquito. Also, pattern of bite, bite location, and time of bite, also serve as a distinct way to differentiate between bites of both insects

General Symptoms of bites

Mosquito Bites: These bites appear as a swollen white and reddish bump that comes up a couple of minutes after bite and become reddish-brown in color after a day. Depending on the person bitten, dark spots and blisters may appear.

Bed bug bites: The symptoms vary with each individual. At first, symptoms may be difficult to spot but after a while, reddish bumps, red blotches and inflammation appear on the skin. These bumps can become itchy with time and cause a burning sensation.

Other important info about bites

Sensitivity to bites

Mosquito Bites: Regarding sensitivity to mosquito bites, sensitivity to bites decreases as the number of bites increases. This phenomenon provides a good explanation why kids are more sensitive to bites from mosquito than adults.

Bed bug bites: The reverse is the case regarding sensitivity to bed bug bites. The more an individual is bitten the more they become sensitive to the bites. If someone gets bitten by a bed bug in a one-off situation, such a person might not realize what has happened.

Mosquito bite symptom: mildly painful, itchy, and irritating. The bite leaves a red or pink bump on the skin. The bites often occur at any time of the day or night.

Bed bug bite symptoms: Painless and Unnoticed at the time of bite. Most times persons don’t even notice they have been bitten unless it happens on a consistent basis.

Time of healing: Mosquito bites heal within a day or two unlike bed bug bites which linger on for a couple more days or longer

Bite sites:

  • Mosquito bites are so random and often occur in parts of the body that are not covered by clothing.
  • Bed bugs bites are patterned bites that occur in clusters. They are either arranged in circular or linear fashion. Locations of bite can be anywhere in body that is covered or uncovered.

Characteristics and signs

  • In several cases, a bed bug may find it difficult to digest al the blood it has sucked from a host and as such, they may be forced to excrete a part of the blood on the body of the host or the sheets the host is lying on. Therefore, if you notice small blood like stain on sleeping sheets and your body, chances are you got bitten by a bed bug unknowingly.
  • Not every host is attractive to bed bugs and mosquitoes. This explains why both might feed on one host and completely ignore another person nearby.