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October 25, 2022 3 min read

Do bed bugs leave stains on the mattress? If you’ve found suspicious stains on your mattress, you may wonder if you have a bed bug infestation. Here we will discuss the possibility of bed bugs leaving stains on sheets or the mattress.

Bed bugs are a nightmare. Although they aren’t vectors of diseases, the mere thought of their bites can make your skin crawl. Bed bugs are pretty sneaky and move from one home to the next through humans and their luggage. They are also known for making their homes in the tiniest gaps, making it difficult to eliminate them from your home once they’ve established their presence. Because bed bugs feed on human blood at night, you may be wondering if the stains on your mattress are evidence of a bed bug infestation. Click for Product Review…

Do bed bugs leave stains?

When bed bugs bite and feed on human blood, it is not uncommon for the bitten area to bleed for some time after the bug has finished feeding. So, it is quite possible to find blood spots on the mattress. It is also possible to find blood stains, primarily reddish brown, on the pillow and comforter. If you roll over at night, there’s also a high chance you might have flattened a bed bug. So you should probably also look for signs of crushed bed bugs, which look like the actual bed bugs with blood streaks or smudges. If the bed bug hasn’t fed yet, you may also see a yellowish-brown smearing of bed bug organs.

Other signs of bed bugs on the mattress

Besides blood stains, you also need to look for other signs to confirm that you are dealing with bed bugs. These signs include:

Fecal spots

Bed bug fecal spots are unique. They comprise digested blood but won’t be red. Instead, they might resemble dark-brown or black colorations. The fecal spots may also be flat, round, and small. You can think of them as ink blots from pens or markers. If you find the poop on wooden surfaces, it might look slightly raised. That said, you will mostly find fecal poop around mattress ends, where bed bugs would hide while waiting for the opportunity to feed.

Bed bug casings

Bed bugs are known to shed their exoskeleton as they grow from one stage to the next. These casings look like the actual insects but are translucent and naturally won’t move.

Final thoughts

Do bed bugs leave stains on the mattress

Do bed bugs leave stains on the mattress? Bed bugs can leave stains on the mattress. You may find blood stains or fecal spots, which are clear indications of bed bugs. If you’ve established that you are dealing with bed bugs, act quickly to eliminate them and stop the infestation from spreading. One of the best treatments against bed bugs is Nature’s Mace bed bug killer. Made from 100% non-toxic compounds, Nature’s Mace bed bug killer is perfect for indoor and outdoor bed bug treatments. Since bed bugs are notorious for hiding in the tiniest crevices, you can apply Nature’s Mace bed bug killer to all suspicious areas with guaranteed positive results. Get Nature’s Mace bed bug killer and protect your home from bed bugs. Click for Product Review…

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