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October 09, 2018 2 min read

Types of bed bugs

The general household bed bug known as Cimex Lectularius is found everywhere in the world. These insects have the unique ability to adapt to various environments, although, they generally prefer to live in temperate climates. Because the habits and lifestyles of bed bugs are similar to that of other insects, proper identification is often required. Distinguishing between the different species of bed bugs is essential.

Cimex hempterus also known as the tropical bed bug prefers tropical environments like Florida. They also feed on humans and furry animals.

Cimex Adjunctus, also known as the Bat bugs also prefers tropical regions just like the tropical bed bugs. But they also do well in temperate areas as well. These species of bed bugs generally feed on bats, although they can feed on humans if bats are no longer present.

Haematosphon inodora also known as the Mexican chicken bug is commonly found in North America. This bug has certain similarities with the common bed bug. One contrasting difference s that the chicken bugs are found on poultry birds and domesticated fowls

Another bug that resembles the bed bug is the barn swallow bugs. The barn bugs are known to feed on cliff swallows and dwell in their nests. Occasionally, when the bird migrates, these bugs are known to find themselves amongst humans.

It is essential to differentiate between bed bugs and other bugs accurately. Correctly Identifying bedbugs before the commencement of a treatment plan can be very helpful in ensuring such treatment plans are effective. If the wrong identification is carried out, control methods may prove ineffective. It is essential to contact your local pest management expert for proper inspection and treatment plans