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November 16, 2022 3 min read

Bed bugs are a growing concern. They are excellent hitchhikers who move from one location to the next through just about anything. They can attach themselves to wooden structures, luggage, suitcases, and even the pockets of your coat. Bed bugs are also known for their quest for human blood. You may also wonder if they will bite and feed on your pets.

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Will bed bugs bite cats?

Unfortunately, bed bugs can feed on cats like any other pets. They will most likely do this when they are desperate and cannot find a human host. It’s also possible to begin finding bite marks on pets, when the infestation has spread, and there are just too many for the number of human hosts around. That said, bed bugs don’t like going through the thick fur on cats. That’s why they prefer humans because they can feed without any obstacles. Besides, bed bugs won’t try to live within any pet’s fur. They dislike movements of any kind. So, they will only try feeding when the pet or human sleeps and run off to safety afterward.

What happens when bed bugs bite cats?

It’s always important to check your pet’s fur regularly for marks from any insect bites. You may find small red marks on their belly if there are bed bugs around. The belly is often the most exposed area without a lot of fur. If you also find your pets scratching, licking, or biting a particular part of their body, then you must also check for insect bites. Treatments for fleas and lice won’t work for bed bugs; since bed bugs don’t live on pets, you can’t kill them that way. You can only treat the bug bites by applying soothing ointment, relief sprays, or anti-itch shampoo to help your pet get more comfortable. The best way to protect your pets from bed bugs is by vigilance and treating your home for bed bugs. Still, bites aren’t the only way to confirm which insects have invaded your home. You also need to look out for fecal spots, blood stains, the bed bug, shed skins, and eggs to confirm that you have bed bugs.

Final thoughts

Will bed bugs bite cats? Bed bugs will not bite cats unless they cannot access a human host. However, if you’ve also found that you have bed bugs, you must act quickly to eradicate the infestation. One of the first steps to take is vacuuming, laundering, and high-heat drying your belongings. Afterward, you need to treat your home for bed bugs by looking for possible hiding spots and treat with a suitable chemical product.

Will bed bugs bite cats?

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