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November 15, 2022 2 min read

It’s okay to be concerned about bed bugs feasting on your pets. However, the mere thought of having bed bugs in your home is deeply worrisome. Bed bugs are annoying. Their bites cause intense itching and skin irritation so then having them feed on your pets can be equally concerning. In this post, we’ll talk about the chances of bed bugs biting or living on pets. Click for Eco Friendly Bed Bug Products…

Will bed bugs bite my dog?

Bed bugs don’t generally prefer to feed on dogs. This is because most dogs have thick furs. As opportunistic bugs, bed bugs prefer the easy way to bite and feed as quickly as possible. So wherever they can find humans, they will prefer feeding on them to pets. However, if push becomes shove, then bed bugs might bite them. Checking your pet’s fur regularly is a great way to discover those bite marks quickly. That said, regular treatment for fleas won’t work for bed bugs. In fact, it’s not possible to kill bed bugs by treating your dog’s fur. You can only make your pet comfortable to minimize the risks of scratching by using anti-itch shampoo and ointment to soothe the bites.

Can dogs carry bed bugs?

Bed bugs don’t have the anatomy to cling to moving animals, so they won’t likely live on pets or spend as much time on them, as other pests would. But, on the other hand, they are more efficient as hitchhikers and would prefer moving through luggage, bedding, furniture, and clothing. So, they can move into your home through your pet’s crate, bedding, and clothing.

How to make sure your pets aren’t affected by bedbugs.

To ensure that bed bugs don’t bite your pets, you must follow a whole-home approach. This would involve cleaning thoroughly, vacuuming, laundering, and heating clothes at the highest possible temperature, followed by chemical/heat treatment of your home. For your pet’s belongings, here are the extra steps you should take:

  • Launder your pet’s bedding at the highest temperature possible. After washing and drying, make sure to secure the bedding away from dirty clothes and rooms to avoid bed bugs moving into the freshly laundered item.
  • For items you cannot wash, put them in the dryer and set the temperature to the highest possible temperature for 20 minutes.

Final thoughts

Will bed bugs bite my dog? Bed bugs will only bite your dogs if they can’t access their preferred hosts, humans. Protecting your dogs from bed bug bites requires vigilance and quickly treating your home for the infestation. That said, always use non-toxic products to treat your home so that your pets won’t be affected by bed bugs.

Will bed bugs bite my dog

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