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June 13, 2023 2 min read

Are mosquitoes harmful to dogs?

Yes. This is primarily due to the fact that mosquitoes can transmit diseases. For example, “Dirofilaria immitis” is a dangerous nematode that is transmitted by mosquitoes to dogs, causing dog heartworm. Historically, this parasite has been found in regions closer to the equator. However, researchers have now discovered that there’s an increase in this parasite invading Northern California, causing cases of dog heartworm (Dial, 2018).

Heartworm Larvae can live in a dog’s body until they’ve fully developed into adult heartworms. Heartworms will live in a dog's heart & lungs which could lead to heart failure, along with other significant health problems.

Mosquitoes carry disease and that’s a big concern for dog owners. Mosquitos can also cause your dog to excessively itch due to skin irritation. Some dogs can even have an allergic reaction to the bite. Unfortunately, skin irritations can cause your dog to experience inflammation & secondary infections.

Use a dog-safe insect repellent

It’s best to consult with your veterinarian to find a suitable repellent that’s safe for your dog's coat. Talk to your vet about heartworm protection. It’s important to develop “a plan” or preventative measures to protect your pet. This is especially true if your pets are frequently outdoors. Our Skeeter MACE isn’t designed to be applied “topically”; or onto a dog's skin & coat. However, you can certainly apply our Skeeter MACE onto plants, furniture, grass, etc. Regular applications of our Skeeter MACE will reduce unwanted insect populations in your backyard. Our Skeeter MACE helps to prevent flying & crawling insects from latching onto your pet. Skeeter MACE is a natural & safe preventative measure that you can take to protect your dog. Skeeter MACE also creates a nice outdoor environment for your family & friends. Skeeter MACE has a fresh & lemon-zest scent! 

Our proprietary blend of essential oils targets an insects exoskeleton, & interferes with their biochemistry. It’s best to apply our Skeeter MACE once every one to two weeks. If there’s heavy rainfall, be sure to apply it once more during that week.

How to Keep mosquitos & bugs off of your dog!


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