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June 09, 2023 3 min read

What can you do to deter rabbits from your garden? Walking into your garden to discover that rabbits have severely damaged your vegetables can be very disheartening. Then boom! You hear someone say plastic forks can be the lifesaver of your vegetable garden. So, you may wonder if using plastic forks can deter rabbits from your garden? Click for more rabbit repellent product information...

Can plastic forks deter rabbits?

Plastic forks seem like a great idea. Think about it. All you need to do is pin upturned plastic forks around your young plants or seedlings to keep those furry pests out. The notion is that those fuzzy bunnies will stay off because they won’t like the feel of plastic forks on their paws. Pinning plastic forks may also seem like a great idea since you can quickly source them from your kitchen, and are reusable.

Should you use plastic forks to keep rabbits out of your garden?

The short answer is it depends. Although there is no foolproof method to keep rabbits out, plastic forks may not be as effective.

First, the only way plastic forks may work for your garden is by using many of them. You need to place these forks at least half an inch from each other to create a compacted structure, restricting bunnies from going around them.

Second, plastic forks may only work while your plants are still at the seedling stage. Once they establish and their branches seem to take over the place, bunnies may find a way to nibble on your vegetables and fruits.

  • Besides, these forks may also become hazardous to you as your vegetables and fruits mature. This happens as they become hidden from the eyes, making it harder to pull out weeds and dig up the soil.

Also, these forks may harm some bunnies and other desperate wildlife as they try to find their way around them. Plastic forks may deter rabbits while plants take shape, but hungry and determined rabbits would find their way through it and feast on your precious vegetables. So you should consider combining your plastic forks deterrents with other methods of keeping rabbits out. Here are some techniques that can combine easily with your plastic forks deterrent:

●     Keep your surroundings clean.

No matter the deterrents you use, you must avoid providing shelter in your garden or yard for rabbits. So get rid of bushes, low tree branches that are hanging, clutter, and woodpiles. Always keep them trimmed or cut them low.

●     Install netting barriers

Netting barriers are excellent ways to keep rabbits out of your vegetable patch. You can create these barriers from chicken wires or wire mesh. Some vegetables and potted plants may also require individual cages, which is a more expensive deterrent.

●     Growing plants rabbits don't like

Within your garden, you can also grow plants that irritate rabbits at the perimeters of your garden to deter rabbits from your garden. Some examples of such plants are lavender, yarrow, daffodil, astilbe, Catmint, Rosemary, Marigold, and so on.

●     Rabbit repellent spray

Rabbit repellent sprays combine multiple scents and tastes that can keep rabbits out. The right rabbit repellent should be formulated from natural ingredients. A splendid rabbit repellent like Nature’s Mace Rabbit and Deer Repellent will repel rabbits and deer.

Can plastic forks deter rabbits

Final thoughts

Plastic forks may seem like an exquisite and inexpensive solution to deter rabbits, but it also has drawbacks. No repellent method is also foolproof. So you must combine repellent methods to successfully keep those nifty bunnies from destroying your precious plants. Click for more rabbit repellent product information...