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June 06, 2023 2 min read

There are scents that repel chipmunks. But not all of them do a good job of keeping them out of your property. Typically, strong scents repel chipmunks, especially when they are spicy, savory, and aromatic.So you can take advantage of the species' vast olfactory receptor genes to keep them out. So, we talk about our topic picks of scents that repel chipmunks. Nature’s Mace squirrel repellent and secure your home today.

1.  Ammonia

Ammonia has a strong, pungent odor that chipmunks hate. To use it around your garden, set up ammonia-soaked rags on wooden stakes near and around your flowers and rags. This solution works best when you have a small area to protect. If you have pets or children, it’s best to avoid using ammonia to keep chipmunks out.

2.  Blood meal

Blood meal is often made from hogs and cows. You can purchase them to spread around your garden to keep chipmunks out. The advantage of this method is that it also acts as an excellent fertilizer. But you want to use it in minor quantities because too much of it might burn your plants.

3.  Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is also one of the best scents that repel chipmunks. It works by causing a burning sensation in the mouth and nostrils of the chipmunks. Consider making a spray of cayenne pepper powder and water. Also add a few squirts of soap so that it stays for some days before washing away.

4.  Coyote urine

Coyote urine is also an excellent way to repel chipmunks. Because coyotes are natural enemies, the scent of their urine is enough to stop chipmunks from returning to your yard.

5.  Garlic

Chipmunks dislike garlic. So you can either cultivate garlic bulbs around your yard or make a garlic repellent. While garlic and water are compelling enough, it doesn’t hurt to add cayenne pepper powder or hot sauce to the mix. The resulting mixture is more potent and will help stop chipmunks in their tracks.

6.  Mint oil

Mint essential oil is also a great humane solution against chipmunks. The downside is that using your regular peppermint essential oil can become too expensive since you must apply regularly to maintain deterrence.

7.  Putrescent eggs

Putrescent egg solids are also effective against chipmunks. But because of the foul smell, you should use it at the perimeters of your garden. It is equally not the right chipmunk repellent for protecting edibles.

Rid your home of chipmunks effortlessly.

What are the scents that repel chipmunks?

Targeting chipmunks’ sense of smell is a superb way to keep them away from your garden and yard. But not every mixture contains the right scents that repel chipmunks and are long-lasting. Nature’s Mace squirrel repellent is a 100% repellent made from naturally sourced ingredients and combines tastes and smells to free your yard from rodents like chipmunks and squirrels. With Nature’s Mace, you don’t have to re-apply too frequently. It can also be applied on raised garden beds, potted plants, vegetable gardens, compost bins, and any other structure in your yard. Nature’s Mace squirrel repellent and secure your home today.