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January 16, 2023 3 min read

If you are looking for sure-proof ideas to keep mice out of grills, this article is for you. Mice often nest near food sources. Your grill can even fulfill their need for food and nesting, making it an attractive prospect. Finding mice in your BBQ is an awful thought, but it is a widespread event. There are tons of dangers of finding mice in your grill. First, mice are known to chew through everything. They can chew and destroy the gas or propane line to your grill, causing the danger of a fire outbreak. If ever you smell gas or hear that hissing out, turn off the fuel and investigate as soon as possible. Secondly, mice in your grill might expose you to rodent feces and urine, which carry diverse diseases that danger humans. If you find any signs of mice in your grill, whether they were merely passing through or have created nests within, then you must take action against them. Below you will find the most important steps to keep mice out of grill. Click for more product information…

Steps to prevent mice from entering your grill

1.Clean thoroughly

Always remember that the food source is the first and most important reason why mice chose your grill. Remember that mice can live on the tiniest food scraps to realize this. So every crumb left behind is an attractant. Hence you should remove the food source. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Eliminate any food residue using your grill scrapper
  • Now run the grill for 30 minutes at the highest heat to remove all food residue.
  • Once the grill cools, wipe down the heat spreaders and grills and eliminate every tiny bit that fell off.
  • Bring out the drip pan and clean it. Some people use a disposable pan, especially if they find cleaning the drip pan hard.

2. Clean your surroundings

Now, look around you and eliminate all things that might attract mice. Eliminate bushes, trees, fruit plants and bird feeders. Secure your garbage in air-tight containers, and mice won’t have any reason to enter your property.

3. Invest in deterrents

Consider using mice deterrents that can help keep mice out of cooking spaces. One of the bests is scents, as they make mice uncomfortable. Besides scent-deterrents, you can also use physical blocks such as a grill cover to stop mice from entering your grill. You can also use chicken wire, steel wool or other wire or meshes to close all openings in your grill.

Steps to get rid of mice in your BBQ

If you found reasons to believe that mice nest in your grill, then there are precautions you must take to remove them:

  1. Wear gloves and a face mask to avoid exposing yourself to their litter.
  2. Now remove the nesting materials from your BBQ.
  3. Following the cleaning steps above, clean your grill to eliminate any signs of mice and other food crumbs.
  4. After cleaning, disinfect all tools you used when cleaning
  5. Cover your BBQ with a zipper cover, especially when storing it away for the winter or when leaving your home to vacation.
  6. If you use your grill regularly, you might reduce the chances of finding mice nesting there.
  7. Invest in mice repellent sprays to stop mice from entering your grill.

Act fast to stop mice from entering your grill

What are the best ways to keep mice out of grills

Having found signs of mice using your grill, you must take action quickly to prevent them from transforming your grill into their nesting and feasting source. Nature’s Mace Rodent Mace is a powerful scent-based repellent that can be used in and outside your grill to stop mice from making their nest there. Nature’s Mace Rodent Mace is available in granular and spray forms and can be used around your grill. You can spray Rodent Mace repellent or place pouches containing Nature’s Mace Rodent Mace granular repellent to keep mice out of grill. No matter the form you choose, Rodent Mace acts quickly to eliminate mice infestation for good. Try Rodent Mace today and emerge victorious in that fight against mice. Click for more product information…

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