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January 09, 2023 3 min read

A snake repellent is said to help repel snakes from your home, garden or yard by making snakes uncomfortable or discouraging them from your surrounding landscape. You may have encountered many squirrel repellents, but only a few techniques work. Here we talk about what works against snakes while debunking rumors. Click for more product information…


Mothballs usually have the active ingredient paradichlorobenzene or naphthalene. The catch is that mothballs can be toxic to mammals and insects. But snakes are reptiles and won’t feel any effects from the mothballs. So in truth, you should avoid experimenting with mothballs because they can cause illness in people and pets.


Sulfur is another common snake repellent idea you might see. But, like mothballs, sulfur will not work entirely effectively against snakes. There’s also the added danger of being exposed to the toxic fumes of sulfur.

Fake eggs

Some people claim that you can stop snakes from entering the chicken coops by making ceramic and wooden eggs to trick snakes into eating them. But then snakes that ingest these fake eggs may die slowly and painfully. Hence, you should avoid using fake eggs to deter snakes.

This is against mulch and pine cones, which are prime spots for snakes. Snakes love the ground cover and would use it for shelter and movement. The same thing happens when you use large rocks around your landscape. Snakes can go under the large rocks and use them as their breeding spot.

Natural predators

Natural predators are a great way to keep snakes out of your garden. Installing a perch pole is an excellent idea to attract natural snake predators like owls. That said, ensure the perch pole is in the open space so the birds can have a complete view of your entire outdoors.

Sticky traps

If you have no problem relocating live snakes, you should consider using sticky traps. The other downside of using sticky traps is that they can also capture other animals you don’t intend to capture. You must also check the trap frequently to deal with the rat as quickly as possible.

Water blast

If you come across a snake in your home, spray it with a strong stream of water. It might startle the snake and make it reverse its course and leave your home, thereby making it easier to deal with the snake. While doing this, make sure there are exit points through the door and window.

Use snake fencing

You can also try installing a fence that should keep snakes out. These fencing solutions are usually made from about a quarter of an inch or smaller mesh material. The fencing would also be buried in the ground and have a bend at the top so that snakes won’t try climbing over it.

What snake repellents work?

Snake repellent sprays and granules are a core component of your measures to keep snakes out of your home and garden. All you need to do is spread the right formula around your surroundings, and it will help you stop snakes from entering your landscape. That said, not all snake repellents are created equally.

What snake repellents work

Nature’s Mace Snake Mace is a fantastic snake repellent option for protecting your landscape from snake invasion. With Nature’s Mace Snake Mace, you can discourage snakes with remarkable results and protect your family, pets, and even livestock. Click for more product information…

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