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January 11, 2022 3 min read

There is lots of misinformation about the best way to keep snakes away from the house. Repelling snakes requires implementing multiple strategies and techniques. Therefore, we bring to you the most simple and most effective techniques that work.

1.Get rid of attractants in your house

Your deterrents will work better if you are also getting rid of temptations that can bring snakes into your home.

  • Ensure you don’t attract common prey that snakes feed on. You can invest in a commercial repellent for that target animal to keep them out. Also, eliminate food sources by keeping your trash can tightly secured and picking up all fallen fruit.
  • Avoid installing birdhouses as they can also attract snakes.
  • Avoid piling rocks and debris on your landscape as they provide hiding places for snakes.
  • Make sure your lawn is mowed frequently and that all grasses are short as snakes tend to prefer tall grass which allows them to remain hidden while on the go
  • Sheds can also attract snakes so you want to de-clutter that area to avoid providing hiding spots for snakes.
  • Don’t over water your lawn as the extra moisture can attract the prey (amphibians, insects, birds, and rodents) that snakes eat
  • Use mulch only sparingly or not at all as much as attracts snakes.
  • Keep your firewood stored far from your home as it can become possible hiding spots for snakes.

2.Use snake repelling plants

Snakes don’t like the scent of certain plants, so you can cultivate them around your yard to deter them. Some such plants include lemon grass, clove basil, mugwort, marigold, onion, cactus, and garlic.

3.Keep snakes from entering your home

Now you need to take measures to ensure that the snakes don’t find their way into your home. Here are tips to prevent snakes from entering your home:

  • Check around the foundation, walkways, concrete porches, windows, air vents and attic for cracks. Seal of all points tightly.
  • Get rid of pests like rodents which can also attract snakes into your home.
  • Consider using galvanized screening to cover your vents and drains.
  • Ensure that all windows and doors are tightly installed.

4.Install physical barriers around your property

You should also consider installing physical structures around your property that can keep snakes out. Here are some techniques you can consider:

  • Consider installing a fence with a rigid mesh that ‘s about two feet tall or more and busy it between two and four inches into the soil’s surface.
  • To an existing fence, you can consider attaching aluminum flashing to the bottom of the outside portion.

5.Use a commercial-grade snake repellent

Finally, invest in a commercial snake repellent that can be sprayed or sprinkled around the perimeters of your home to effectively repel snakes. But ensure the repellent you choose is non-lethal, Eco-friendly and can be used around pets and children. Using inhumane tactics such as poisonous sprays, liquids, and powders alongside glue traps can pose a danger for other animals and children in your yard. You also want to avoid snake home remedies such as mothballs which have been proven to be ineffective. It’s also highly important to be careful when applying snake repellents for the first time, especially after snakes have established their presence in your area. They might become aggressive and agitated, so you want to avoid encountering them.

Nature’s MACE snake repellent is a splendid solution to keep snakes away from the house. Nature’s MACE snake repellent works by interfering with the snake’s sense of smell to prevent them from nesting in the area. This snake repellent is available in liquid read-to-use spray and granules and can be used in your barns, garages, gardens and entire perimeter. Whichever form you choose; Nature’s MACE snake repellent starts working immediately once applied around your home. You will love that Nature’s MACE snake MACE is non-toxic, plant-based and Eco-friendly. It is also safe for use around pets and little children. Choose Nature MACE and protect your home from these unwanted invaders for good.

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