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May 28, 2022 3 min read

How to keep snakes away from your house is the focus of this article. Did you find a snake inside your home? Yikes! Nothing prepares you for that. Even as most snakes in the U.S and North America are nonvenomous; it is disconcerting finding one in your personal space. Click Here to Learn More…

So, you may wonder – what can I do to keep snakes away from my house? Snakes will never go into your home except there are attractants. Hence the best way to keep snakes away from your house starts with finding out why they entered your home in the first place?

Reasons why snakes enter your home and how to fix it…

1.Openings, holes, and gaps in your vents and windows

Check and seal off cracks and crevices around your home regularly. Look for cracks especially around doors, windows, broken pipes, air vents, deck, and even the chimney. It’s equally important to inspect the exterior of your home and repair damaged gutters, piping, and ventilation ducts. Always remember that snakes have flexible bodies and can easily fit in the flattest spaces.

2.Having a high rodent (or other favorite snake snacks) population

Snakes are carnivorous animals with an intense passion for hunting, killing, and eating their food. Hence, they might be attracted to your home if they can find access to their favorite snacks within and outside your home. Snakes love rodents, alongside other critters such as slugs, rabbits, frogs, slugs, and lots more. To avoid attracting snakes, you need to control the population of these small animals around and inside your home.

To stop rodents from entering your home, always clean your surroundings, get rid of food sources and debris, and seal off gaps and holes.

3.Having hiding spots around your home

If you have an outdoor or garden area, you need to take care of judiciously by trimming bushes, keeping the grass short, and getting rid of bush/woodpiles. Imbibing good landscaping practices will help you avoid providing resting and hiding spots for snakes.

4.Living near forest areas? Better keep snakes away from your house.

If your home is located near woody or forest areas, then you have a higher possibility of seeing snakes. You can protect yourself from possible snake encounters by making sure your home isn’t attractive to them. There are two major snake deterrent strategies you should use (1) snake repellents and (2) snake-proof fencing. A snake-proof fence is a perimeter fence or wall around your home that is fashioned to keep snakes out. A snake repellent, in contrast, generally uses odor/taste barriers to create an uncomfortable environment that they would stay away from.

Use a good snake repellent as the first line of defense

How to keep snakes away from your house? Use a good snake repellent. If you have snakes slithering into your house or yard, then you should invest in a good repellent. It is best to choose a repellent specially designed for snakes. A gorgeous snake repellent formula like Nature’s Mace Snake Mace is ideal for repelling snakes around your home. Application is also easy.

How to keep snakes away from your house

Just sprinkle around your property and enjoy up to 30 days of protection. Nature’s Mace Snake Maceis made from environmentally friendly ingredients, so you can use it liberally around your home without worrying about exposing yourself and your family to harmful toxins. With Nature’s Mace, you can safely and effectively keep snakes away from your house and personal space. Click Here For More Information on Snake MACE

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