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June 01, 2022 3 min read

What everybody needs to know about mosquito repellents. Mosquito repellents are immensely valuable. They help discourage mosquitoes from feasting on us, which can cause itching, pain, parasites, and diseases.

Generally, there are two types of mosquito repellents, including repellents to be applied on the skin and mosquito repellents that can be applied indoors and outdoors. Each group of mosquito repellents serves the purpose to help us avoid painful and itchy bites alongside vector-borne diseases. Nevertheless, there are many more reasons to invest in mosquito repellents.

How do mosquito repellents work?

A mosquito repellent may have from natural or chemical ingredients. Many mosquitoes are often attracted to certain odors. Skin-based mosquito repellents mask these attractant odors on the skin and drive the mosquitoes away using a smell they dislike. Outdoor mosquito repellents also work in the same way. As long as they are made from safe ingredients, they won’t kill the mosquitoes but will release a smell that would scare mosquitoes away.

Available in different forms for all-round defense

Repellents are available in diverse forms for easy application. For repellents you can apply to your body, you would find them in lotions, gels, and creams. For outdoor/indoor repellents, they are mostly available as liquids and pellets. You can also try mosquito repellents like liquid vaporizers, mosquito repellent plug-in devices, mosquito nets, and incense.

Effectiveness is relative

All kinds of mosquito repellents (topical mosquito repellents and outdoor/indoor mosquito repellents) require re-application from time to time. Outdoor mosquito repellents often offer up to 30 days of protection. But if you are equally dealing with heavy downpours, you must re-apply your mosquito repellents every couple of weeks.

Choose safe ingredients

Whether you are choosing mosquito repellents for your skin or environment, check out the ingredients in your choice repellent. Chemical repellents are often made from DEET or picaridin. You could also opt for mosquito repellents made from plant-based ingredients such as lemon eucalyptus, and citronella.

Garden repellents are equally great

Although you should use a commercial scent-based repellent, you can also benefit from cultivating other insect-repelling plants well. Consider plants like citronella, wormwood, and marigold to stop those biting insects and protect your garden from pests.

Don’t forget attractants

What everybody needs to know about mosquito repellents. No matter how effective your mosquito repellent is, it also depends on your environment to maximize its effectiveness. Hence, you should stop mosquitoes before they hatch by eliminating standing water which is their favorite breeding ground. Look around you for all kinds of standing water. This includes potted plants as well. Ensure to install the appropriate drains to eliminate them.mosquito repellents

The best mosquito repellents provide an immediate solution

What everybody needs to know about mosquito repellents

Bug sprays often contain highly-concentrated solutions. So, they are powerful at repelling mosquitoes. However, it’s ideal to choose bug sprays that would repel mosquitoes and many other insects. Nature’s Mace Skeeter Mace is a superb bug spray made from high concentrations of plant-based ingredients. This powerful, fast-acting formula helps you deal with your insect infestation quickly. Nature’s Mace Skeeter Spray works for fleas, gnats, ticks, flies, and lots more. Choose Skeeter Mace today, and enjoy protection from a wide range of bugs.

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