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April 12, 2023 3 min read

Choosing the right mosquito repellent for dogs demands a lot of consideration. Mosquito bites can lead to life-threatening issues for humans as well as dogs. It will be a sad experience to watch your dogs suffer from the consequences of incessant mosquito bites. Protecting your dogs against mosquito bites is very necessary, especially during the summer when mosquitoes breed the most. Click for more mosquito repellent for dogs information...

One great way to protect your dogs against these terrible mosquito bites is by using mosquito repellent for dogs. However, some of these mosquito repellents might have other dangerous side effects on your dogs. So here, we talk about the five types of mosquito repellent products to discover their effectiveness and safety.

Why do you need mosquito repellent for dogs?

It is true that humans might suffer from malarial infection if bitten by mosquitoes. But for dogs, it causes more severe problems. Dogs bitten by mosquitoes can suffer allergic reactions or heartworm disease. This is why the use of mosquito repellent for dogs is very mandatory if you want to keep your lovely pets safe and healthy. The mosquito repellent for dogs will repel most mosquitoes that come around your dogs. Therefore, having mosquito repellent for dogs is necessary.

5 types of mosquito repellent for dogs


A collar is another great mosquito repellent for dogs. A collar can protect your dog against mosquitoes and other pests for several months. Besides, the main active ingredients in it are pyriproxyfen and deltamethrin. Collars are not harmful to dogs over 12 weeks of age. However, if your dogs have sensitive skin, then you might want to consider using another mosquito repellent for dogs. That said, there’s only anecdotal evidence on the use of collars as a mosquito repellent. Plus, it doesn’t appear to provide full coverage.


Topicals are made to prevent fleas and ticks in dogs, but they are also great mosquito repellents for dogs. Most topicals contain powerful active agents such as pyriproxyfen, imidacloprid, and permethrin. Once you apply it to your dog, it will begin working 12 hours later. It will give your dog protection for a month. However, this product is better for dogs over seven weeks old and weighing more than four pounds.


Sprays are formulated mainly from natural plants such as geraniol, lemongrass, and other plant extracts. They keep mosquitos away from dogs and cats. That said, it’s much safer to use dog repellent sprays on dogs over 12 weeks old. That said, you may have to spray dogs regularly to maintain deterrence. 


Supplements contain natural ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, garlic powder, B vitamins, and so on, which repel mosquitoes and other pests. By giving your dogs one to three chews of the supplement per day (according to instructions), you give your dogs the opportunity to boost their joint support, and also increase their skin and immune health. That said, the jury is still out on the efficacy of these types of mosquito repellent for dogs.

Yard spray

As the name implies, the spray ensures that your yard is free of mosquitoes and other pests, so that your dogs can stay healthy. The chemicals used in making the yard spray are mild and come from natural sources. The active ingredients are plant-derived lauryl sulfate, steam-distilled peppermint oil, and eugenol. That said, unlike the rest of this list, yard sprays are a proven and comprehensive solution. You won’t risk spraying your dog with harmful chemicals and can achieve the best results. Even so, it’s impossible to use topicals, collars, or supplements on their own. You must also have yard spray on hand. 

Act quickly to build a robust defense against mosquitoes

Mosquito bites are too life-threatening to dogs, to keep allowing them to feast on your beloved pets. That’s why you need a yard spray like Nature’s Mace skeeter mace to keep your furry friends free from mosquitoes in no time. Made from plant-derived oils, Nature’s Mace skeeter mace gives you a better start to achieving the best protection for your dogs from mosquito bites. Click for more mosquito repellent for dogs information...